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Si Jalur Lebar June 11, 2010

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Dear Hubby,

Our Little One is 12 weeks plus and measuring close to 6 cm! How time flies. Do you remember the day we saw the two (verrrry faint) blue lines? Yes, the line was very faint, and so we keep on hoping and praying that, let it be real this time.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect. You were working on day shifts, so we get to spend every night and weekend together. We went to the Gynae together every week, and see how the Little One grew from one tiny bean  with a heartbeat inside a sac, to one hip hop foetus 😉 The Gynae congratulated you, he was as delighted as we were. As the Little One grew bigger, you were there (and K noha and Nurin were there too) to listen to its heartbeat. Whoop whoop whoop. The most beautiful sound I ever heard. How I wish I could see the reaction on your face. That would be priceless wouldn’t it?

Throughout the first trimester, you have been great. You became my personal cheerleader. hehe. You cheered for me when I could not eat, “Kesian baby dlm tu lapar..”, when I refused to drink milk, “Minum milk.. nanti tulang baby strong mcm saya”, and even when I vomited endlessly, “Baguslah muntah. Nausea is a good sign, there’s enough hormone for the baby inside you to grow.  Saya suka kalau awak muntah”. THANKS. After vomiting, I would started to cry from the pain and then you would rubbed my back and teased me, “You are strong… you are strong kan?? see, baby is strong inside.. chill. relax laaa.” And I couldn’t help but to smile, tears and all.

And during my stays in the hospital, you made two trips everyday (and the hospital isn’t near ok. 40mins drive). You slept at the next bed with me. Eat ta pau food yang tak sedap. Sangat tak terurus but you wouldn’t mind. Yang tak boleh lupa, you can continue eating even when I was throwing up next to you. Hoh. Cekal atau dah terlalu lapar??

But now, you have returned to your usual shift hour, and could not accompanied me for every visit. But it’s ok. The Gynae sangat bermurah hati memberi the ultrasound picture of our Little One after each visit. Seronok dapat tgk perkembangannya from one week to another.

Oh ye.. Lately you liked to tease me A LOT! Sometimes when I felt weak (most of the time just plain lazy) to move.. you would say, “Come on, don’t be lazy,” And I would protested to it by saying “I’m not lazy. I’m tired!!”. Then you would laugh at me, telling me that I am one cranky pregnant lady, to which I would protest, again. It used to be you who have the last word. Now, I have taken the spot. Either you have lost your skill or saja nak kasi peluang cranky pregnant lady menang?? hehe.  Little One, please don’t be like Mummy pandai menjawab-jawab. Mesti dengar kata dan patuh arahan ok?.

Sometimes I would complain you are either too smelly (even though you are B.O free) or too wangi.  Sometimes I felt rimas when you are snuggling  me “Tak suka..tak suka.. takmoh dekat2..geliii”, but at times it was me who is reaching out for you. But most of the time I would feel glad just to see you and have you by my side.

And with our anniversary looming near, I don’t have any plan..or do any preparation. But I do apply for two days leave. So that I can spend my day (throwing up) with you by my side.

Isn’t that lovely kan Hubby?



p/s: As of yesterday the bleeding inside the uterus seems to be getting lesser. Alhamdulillah

pp/s: why Jalur Lebar? My colleagues said i look wider (lebar) than before. hence the new nick name. thanks eh kawan2.


The Day I Decided to Photo-Blog December 16, 2009

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It’s amazing to realise how the simplest things in life could inspire you. I had a long day in the office, nearly dozed off behind the wheel. Once I reached home, went straight to my room and went totally knocked out. With baju kurung, hamis and all. Sangat penat. And yes, kerja adalah sangat menimbun (yeah, bring my work home. But to do it is a different story.. insert pathetic laugh/smirk here)

Back to the first sentence. So I was tired, sleepy and hungry. Factor in the absence of the Hubby, thus the laziness, no-mood-for-anything simply multiply. After fixing myself a simple dinner (since my parents are away, I asked the maid not to cook), I decided to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (TSTP2) on HBO. And boy, my eyes were glued to the tv watching the second installment. This time the girls – Tibby, Carmen, Bridgette and Lena are all grown up and attending colleges, except  for Tibby who works in a video store.  For a start, I am not a fan of chic-lit, you know the damsel in distress, prince charming kinda stories. I’m all for girl power kinda thing. Heh. So, anyway the story was very heartwarming, about mending relationship, friendship and yeah, soul searching.

Maka, dengan bangganya saya mengaku, I cried watching the movie. Menangis dan selepas itu terasa sangat lega, dan terus mendapat inspirasi. To actually think that this movie was based on a fiction written for teenagers – iyelah about coming of age and everything. Haha. Ain’t I a bit too old for that? But the point is, it made me feel good afterwards. Untuk julung kalinya saya tidak tidur awal bila Hubby tiada di rumah!! Wohoo! Dan terus dapat inspirasi untuk update blog with pictures!

Adik mesti bangga dapat tahu ni. (Speaking of her, I’m sort of missing her. Sigh, Adik, when are we going to play Monopoly City against Abg Napi the self confessed Monopoly champ ni?)

Therefore, let me share with you these pictures. Nothing new, the stories accompanying the pictures were posted before anyway. 🙂


The crooked finger and the missing soul sole

Picture was taken after representing my department in a netball game. The left index finger bent awkwardly and still is even after 3 weeks. Oh my !  Why is the finger looked stubby and chubby? It was swollen actually. Bukan gemok la! *denial* haha. Meanwhile, in the background is my right sneaker which lost it’s soul sole. There’s supposed to be a black sole underneath it, but what’s left only the white flappy thingy. Itulah, main netball 9 tahun sekali. Mana tak jadi gitu. :p

No. 2

Aftermath of the Korean against Germany

No. 2. The reason behind me being RM500 poorer. Thanks to Hubby who kindly subsidised 3/4 of the cost, I am poorer by RM150 only:D. Ops, excluding the repair cost for Baba’s car. Alamak. This is the second accident in a year. And this time involving Baba”s Matrix and some unlucky penghantar suratkhabat’s BMW 5 series with plate number JFN 3*88.  See the reflection on the car’s window. yup, it happened outside Alliance Bank. Something needs to be done about my relationship with Alliance Bank. Heh. Dan sampai kini tak percaya the owner works as newspaper delivery man.

No. 3

The 5a.m Chicken Burger/Patties

Drew the inspiration from Ayin’s entry on homemade burgers with some tweaks and adjustments. Pardon the very low quality and amateurish pictures. Burger pun tak larat nak posing pukul 5 pagi tau! Why 5a.m? That’s the time I woke up to prepare my Hubby’s breakfast and bekal to work. Sangat bersyukur he works 15 days per month, and only 7/8 days in the morning. Kalau tidak, saya akan kelihatan seperti beruang panda di dapur setiap 5 pagi. Hehe.

The No.3 is among our effort in eating healthier, and initiates my Project Sandwiches/Burgers – to create a wholesome sandwiches ala Subway for Hubby’s lunch/brunch box. At least we know what we put in the burgers, unlike those bought from the supermarkets. Since we are also trying to conceive, jadi what goes in, matters. 🙂 It’s not exactly good to have fast food/processed food frequently. Sad to say, those kind of food are easier to prepare/cook especially in Plus, it’s also easy to consume (read: bila makan nampak macho), on the go kind of thing, which is sangatlah sesuai untuk orang lelaki kan. With that, item no. 3 will be included in my New Year Resolution – eat and cook healthily. Expect more homemade sandwiches/burgers to come!! Notes: Is there a way to maintain the crunchiness of the veggies until it’s time to be consumed? Hubby refuses to have any in his sandwiches as he said it would be soggy and taste funny by the time he eats it. Any ideas?

Eh, do I have to put up the recipes too? 😉

Lastly, to wrap up the eat and cook healthy campaign, presenting the motto, as modeled by my 2 year old nephew, Izz Irfan

*Give peas a chance*

Peace out! or shall I say Peas out?


Kegagalan Melelapkan Mata November 19, 2009

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WARNING : Kisah poyo ahead.


Tonight (or is it tomorrow?) would be Hubby’s last day performing his deed/duty to his country. And last night, I suddenly felt soooo lonely, sangat tiada motivasi untuk melakukan apa-apa pun. Kerja menimbun, exam PTK is next week but I can’t drag myself to do anything. Hanya termenung dan termenung sambil surfing the web.


Bila pukul 10pm menjelang, lagi menggigit perasaan sunyi dan kerinduan yang teramat sangat. Hoh! itu pathetic ok. I mean, rindu2 sikit tu faham la kan, ni sampai tahap bila dengar suara Hubby di corong handphone, tibe2 terus choke with tears. ahahhah. “You had me at Hello” moment. ahahahah.


Ni baru pergi reservist for 2 weeks. Fyi, we spent the last weekend together. for goodness sake, this is not the first time!! Sejak kawin, this is the second time he has to go  for reservist.  So in all, baru 4 hari tak jumpe dah jadi seperti kartun di bawah ini:

Gini kena pegi Haji sama-sama ni (tapi nak ikut kuota Tabung Haji ke MUIS? hehe). Habis kepam bantal nanti tiap2 malam nangisss je sbb kena tinggal lebih sebulan.


Oh. and camna nak sambung Phd kat overseas kalau 4 malam je da menangis berjauhan?


Ok. Malu. Mungkin saya terbawa2 dgn emosi. Dan juga mungkin PMS.


p/s: Cepatlah Sabtu. Ku ingin lari menyeberangi Tambak Johor untuk bertemu denganmu.*sila muntah hijau sekarang*


Sentuhan Listrikmu November 10, 2009

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Mushy post ahead. You have been warned.

Sentuhan Listrikmu : M Nasir

Bisakah aku bertanya padamu
Dari mana datang sayang ini
Dari redup matamu
Atau bisikan mesra

Adakah kerna sentuhan listrikmu
Membuat ku terus berjanji
Hati ini hanya untukmu saja

Sentuhanmu bukan datang dari
Dunia materi
Terasa ini pernah mengusikku
Bagai de javu

Ku rindu sentuhanmu
Ku damba sentuhanmu
Tiada lain yang ku inginkan
Hanya sentuhanmu


Antara lagu dendangan M Nasir yang sangat ku suka. Khas untuk jejaka yang senantiasa merenjatku dengan sentuhannya. It’s only day TWO, and we have another 9 days to go before I can be electified again (sebenarnya weekend ni da boleh jumpa da. tapi orang dlm kerinduan kan suka exaggerate). In 9 days, he would finished serving his duty to his country, which he has to performed annually in November.

Dear Hubby,

Selamat menjalankan perkhidmatan untuk negara anda dan selamat bermalam di semak samun hutan belantara Kota Temasik. Am looking forward to see you this weekend. *Oh, terasa macam lamanyaaaa lagiiiii*