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Where Art Thou – The Jollier Thou? September 27, 2010

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Had a hectic *a fact which does not have to be repeated* week. Been working through the weekends. Supposed to cover the convocation ceremony this evening, but was told not to since we had already enough inputs for the bulletin.

Yeah. I was Lois Lane since last Wednesday. Covering events related to the convocation ceremony. Lois Lane with 7 months old bump. Not sexy.

Maybe it’s Monday, or maybe it’s the super-sedap nasi lemak that I had during brunch plus not having enough rest make me super sleepy this Monday evening.

So, I decided to visit my old blog here.

The decision to move to the current blog was mainly due to wanting to remain anonymous while at the same time able to vent, share, luah, lepas, whatever i want. That’s why I chose the url yg sangat tak mesra pengguna. I changed to wordpress cos I wanted to blog seriously, on more serious issues. Ye, terpengaruh dengan blog orang lain yg matang2 gitu.. bila baca boleh membuka minda dan jiwa.. mencetuskan anjakan paradigma, can move mountains etc.

Konon dah matang laaa. KONON. And also because I think I need a change.

Tapi hakikatnya, I have talent in mengarut. not mengarang. period.

Another thing I realised, when I compare my old blog with the current one.. i like the old one much much better!!! it’s more spontaneous. and it’s me!!! jolly me. the current one sounded so serious..depressed. warghhhh.. what is happening???

Pastu.. tak banyak gambar. mainly because, to me, wordpress agak leceh nk upload2 gambar ni. hampeh. konon nak up sket la guna wordpress. haha. konon.. kononnnnn…

see..sudah lari dari diri sendiri.

tambah lagi dengan kehadiran FB. lagi la malas nak update kan?? But i still love sharing my story you know.

Maybe, I will move to another blog again? Maybe..

Be less serious. Jolly and happy.

With the baby and all… sesuaikan kalau nak pindah rumah baru?? kan kan?? hehehe


One Response to “Where Art Thou – The Jollier Thou?”

  1. Ummie Says:

    Lucky for me to find your blog.
    Why stop writing? Move on.
    Waiting for the next entry.

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