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Approaching 5th Month July 28, 2010

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Dua minggu ni adalah minggu pening-pening. Sebelum makan – pening, lepas makan – pening, terlebih makan – pening. I told Hubby, maybe what I need is a short holiday. Ambil udara segar for a change. But with the current workload, I can only wish. *sigh*.

On a lighter and happier note – the Little One of course! On our last visit 4 weeks ago, the Gynae told us the baby is doing well. Only that the Mummy still has some bleeding in the uterus which can only be seen via ultrasound. The Gynae told us, it will vanish by next month. At times, Mummy would feel some aches like a muscle being pulled or stretched, but were told (from friends and books) it’s growing pains – Little One is growing, and my uterus is making room for it. Mummy being Mummy is very sensitive to any pain or aches down there – al maklumlah dari pengalaman yang lepas2. But Alhadmulillah, it’s getting lesser nowadays. I can walk faster than I normally do. hehe.

The Gynae did try to find out whether the Little One would be a he or a she. Truthfully, Mummy and Daddy don’t mind – as long as you’re healthy, kami sangat bersyukur. Jadi Mummy sangat bersedih sekiranya ada suara2 yg mengatakan – hopefully it’s a boy. Or firstborn dapat Boy bagus. Siapa lah Mummy nak tentukan gender yang keluar ini. Would my baby will be loved less if it’s a girl? To be able to conceive this Little One, and to feel the joy of pregnancy, Mummy sudah sangat bersyukur.Don’t worry Little One, whether you’re a boy or a girl, we will love you with all of our heart.

So, that’s why both of me and Hubby didn’t really feel the urge to know the gender.. cuma bagus kalau tahu lebih awal utk persediaan bila Little One lahir nanti.

And I already feel attached to it. Ada peluang, mesti nak gosok2 perut ni. Hubby pun tak lupa siang dan malam..ada kesempatan berbual2 dgn Little One. Sometimes, he would helped me applied the stretch mark cream, dgn gaya orang melenggang perut. haha. Kadangkala, he would make joke.. whispering at my tummy. When I asked him, “bual apa tu?”.. and he would say.. “Adalah..saya lagi komplot dgn junior.. awak tak leh tau.. ni rahsia.. nyeh nyeh nyeh”.

I can’t help but to smile and laugh. Oh yeah.. He made me smile and laugh a lot. Thanks Hubby. Even though I had a tough time at work, but you made me forgot all that. I love you even more.

Thank you for being my rock Hubby.

We are due for another check up tomorrow. More updates soon. See u!


6 Responses to “Approaching 5th Month”

  1. Says:

    owh. nanti kan bila baby lahir baunya sangat harum. mungkin bau syurga mcm tu. it is so amazing šŸ™‚

    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      belle: it is so amazing indeed kan? even the journey pun mcm da sgt kagum. cam terhidu2 kebahagiaan syurga dah. alhamdulillah

  2. mazrah Says:

    me too! we don’t really mind if our baby is a girl or a boy.

    syana, hopefully bleeding tu cepat la sembuh ye. masa kite 13th week aritu pun ada bleeding. agak paranoid mase tu sbb pernah jgk ada history last year. tapi, Alhamdulillah, nothing serious n everything’s ok.
    InsyaAllah, kite sama2 sihat sampai melahirkan n membesarkan baby… :’)

    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      mazrah: mungkin sbb kita pernah kehilangan, jd apa yg ada ni pun sudah sgt bersyukur. šŸ™‚

      thanks for the doa. InsyaAllah kita diberi peluang utk buat semua tu. mesti perasaan bercampur baur kan? šŸ˜‰

  3. eiLda epaL Says:

    yang penting, Mummynya sihat kan..

    alhamdulillah, lega dengar ko dah stabil sikit sekrg kan…

    gosok-gosok perut tu memang akan jadi habit…kawan aku kat lab nie pun, suka buat gitu…hehehe…because someone is growing in there…that’s why the Little One suka bila Mummynya gosok-gosok perut…mcm tgh usap-usap dia gitu…kan…kan…

    teringin lah nak jumpa ko…
    bila ek?
    tunggu bila ko dah betul2 larat lah eh…
    anything sms lah yer…

    take care… šŸ™‚

  4. Kak CT Says:

    Today ni santik la, dh pakai uniform…camtu la bakal mom kan…huhuhu šŸ™‚

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