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Meet the New Coffee Latte Colored Lots-o-Huggin Bear June 30, 2010

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Fuhhh… it’s a wee bit dusty in here.

Lack of updating could only mean one thing. My workload is up to here **pointing to the nose**  and I am frantically trying my best to stay calm and complete everything in time. It takes me nearly a month to catch up whatever I’ve missed out during my 2 ½ week of medical leave.

The past 2 weeks were very kind to me. Alhamdulillah, the nausea subsided. It’s more under control now. Less trip to the surau to lie down because of throbbing headaches. Less frequency in throwing up. But increase in appetite. Sangat increase. With more energy in me, I can concentrate much better while working in the office. Thank you Little One. 🙂

Tapi masuk je dalam kereta, lampu ultraman dah berkelip2 tukar oren. Sangat tak larat. Mujur Hubby or my dad still driving me to and fro work. Once reached home, melepek.. penat dan pengsan. Nak bergurau senda dgn Hubby atau kucing dua ekor tu pun setakat ketawa dua harkat je.. I semput you nak ketawa bahak-bahak.

We  also celebrated our second  anniversary. Hubby treated me to lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. We shared Seafood Chowder and Country Mushroom for appetizer, followed by Seafood Pasta (for me), and Flame Grilled Platter for Hubby. For dessert, it’s the smooth Vanilla Milkshake for Little One. Hehehe. And the best part was, I managed to keep everything down in my tummy for the whole day! Yay.. no throwing up expensive food!!!

So, what’s up with the Little One?

During our previous visit to the Gynae two weeks ago (Hubby was with me), I told him that Hubby had not see the Little One did it’s little dance in my womb. So the kind Gynae, mencuba sedaya upaya tried to capture a 4D image of our baby! Waaa.. it’s too early to know the gender but still he insisted on doing it.. nak show off la tu kat Hubby. Hehehe. Boleh tak dalam mencuba tu Gynae boleh buat remark (sambil eksen terkejut), “Eh dah besar baby awak!!”. Abuthennnn.. mak dia asik nak makan westernnn je. hehe

And knowing that Daddy was there, Little One really showed off some dancing skill. Hehe. Kecik2 dah pandai cairkan hati Mummy and Daddy 🙂 Since, Little One isn’t that tiny anymore, we had to measure the diameter of the head, instead of the crown-to-rump length. Sorry, Mummy forgot how much you measure, sebab terlalu excited seeing your dance. Hehe. But when the Gynae tried to zoom in using his 4D scan, you hide your little head behind Mummy’s placenta.. Oh.. pemalu rupanya.. tak macam mak dia 😀

Alhamdulillah, everything looked good. My womb is getting stronger. Not a trace of bleeding can be seen inside the uterus. The Little One has also moved up a little bit. Thus, Mummy is sporting a more prominent bump, which she likes to stroke most of the time! 🙂

But one thing I couldn’t understand, why there’s more hair on my tummy now?? Serious dah terbayang Lots-o-Huggin bear. Only I’m coffee latte colored instead of pink.


5 Responses to “Meet the New Coffee Latte Colored Lots-o-Huggin Bear”

  1. eiLda epaL Says:

    hai syana…

    rasenya mcm lama gak tak comment at ur blog kan…
    fb pun dah jarang sekrg nie…

    been buzy..that’s why lah mcm jarang online…

    anyway, glad to hear u are doing fine now…

    kena jaga kesihatan tau…
    tido kena cukup, makan pun kena cukup…
    kena jugak eat healthy food eh…supaya the Little One will be a healthy baby…

    mesti sekrg ko asyik craving for food kan…hehehe…

    take care.. =)

    • hubbsnmoi Says:


      hugsssssssssssssss.. mana ilang? hmm.. adatla sibuk keje kan.. cptla bukak bisnes sendri dadar..aku nk contribute share. hehe

      alhamdulillah.. semua2nya cukup.. cuma kdg2 tido je yg x cukup..sbb kerap terjaga.. cobaaan.. 🙂

      sejak da bleh makan ni, mmg mcm2 berselera. hehe. nnti kalau tgk aku lg byk jellly!! ahahahha

      miss u babe!

  2. Noha Says:


    itu scan takleh rakam ka?? teringin nak balik jb, tapi takut dah nak jalan jejauh….rasa perut pun mcm dah turun sket, dah bole makan byk tapi kejab2 rasa ngilu nak terkencing. mak kata maybe baby rambut lebat (trus teringat kat adik..hahaha).

    anyway, agak2 dah leh jalan jauh, dtg la kl ye…leh la gathering ramai2 kat sini 🙂

    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      rakam scan? hohohoho.. nnti kena gadai cincin emas nak bayar doc T. ekekekkee.

      insyallah, kalau keadaan mengizinkan, sampai la saya ke KL nanti 🙂

  3. Noha Says:

    er…maksud akak napi yg rakam scan tu…guna phone camera, actually akak ada buat masa akak temankan ana scan dulu tu…cuma ntah mana akak letak video clipnya..

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