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Si Jalur Lebar June 11, 2010

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Dear Hubby,

Our Little One is 12 weeks plus and measuring close to 6 cm! How time flies. Do you remember the day we saw the two (verrrry faint) blue lines? Yes, the line was very faint, and so we keep on hoping and praying that, let it be real this time.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect. You were working on day shifts, so we get to spend every night and weekend together. We went to the Gynae together every week, and see how the Little One grew from one tiny bean  with a heartbeat inside a sac, to one hip hop foetus 😉 The Gynae congratulated you, he was as delighted as we were. As the Little One grew bigger, you were there (and K noha and Nurin were there too) to listen to its heartbeat. Whoop whoop whoop. The most beautiful sound I ever heard. How I wish I could see the reaction on your face. That would be priceless wouldn’t it?

Throughout the first trimester, you have been great. You became my personal cheerleader. hehe. You cheered for me when I could not eat, “Kesian baby dlm tu lapar..”, when I refused to drink milk, “Minum milk.. nanti tulang baby strong mcm saya”, and even when I vomited endlessly, “Baguslah muntah. Nausea is a good sign, there’s enough hormone for the baby inside you to grow.  Saya suka kalau awak muntah”. THANKS. After vomiting, I would started to cry from the pain and then you would rubbed my back and teased me, “You are strong… you are strong kan?? see, baby is strong inside.. chill. relax laaa.” And I couldn’t help but to smile, tears and all.

And during my stays in the hospital, you made two trips everyday (and the hospital isn’t near ok. 40mins drive). You slept at the next bed with me. Eat ta pau food yang tak sedap. Sangat tak terurus but you wouldn’t mind. Yang tak boleh lupa, you can continue eating even when I was throwing up next to you. Hoh. Cekal atau dah terlalu lapar??

But now, you have returned to your usual shift hour, and could not accompanied me for every visit. But it’s ok. The Gynae sangat bermurah hati memberi the ultrasound picture of our Little One after each visit. Seronok dapat tgk perkembangannya from one week to another.

Oh ye.. Lately you liked to tease me A LOT! Sometimes when I felt weak (most of the time just plain lazy) to move.. you would say, “Come on, don’t be lazy,” And I would protested to it by saying “I’m not lazy. I’m tired!!”. Then you would laugh at me, telling me that I am one cranky pregnant lady, to which I would protest, again. It used to be you who have the last word. Now, I have taken the spot. Either you have lost your skill or saja nak kasi peluang cranky pregnant lady menang?? hehe.  Little One, please don’t be like Mummy pandai menjawab-jawab. Mesti dengar kata dan patuh arahan ok?.

Sometimes I would complain you are either too smelly (even though you are B.O free) or too wangi.  Sometimes I felt rimas when you are snuggling  me “Tak suka..tak suka.. takmoh dekat2..geliii”, but at times it was me who is reaching out for you. But most of the time I would feel glad just to see you and have you by my side.

And with our anniversary looming near, I don’t have any plan..or do any preparation. But I do apply for two days leave. So that I can spend my day (throwing up) with you by my side.

Isn’t that lovely kan Hubby?



p/s: As of yesterday the bleeding inside the uterus seems to be getting lesser. Alhamdulillah

pp/s: why Jalur Lebar? My colleagues said i look wider (lebar) than before. hence the new nick name. thanks eh kawan2.


6 Responses to “Si Jalur Lebar”

  1. kak noha Says:

    Happy anniversary! takpe..tahun ni takde apa preparation, tahun depan bole celebrate bertiga (or bertiga setengah…heheh..mana la tahu kan)….

    happy sgt little one is healthy and growing and ana pun makin sihat…insyaAllah, everything will be just fine 🙂

  2. arejarz Says:

    Salam Pn Syana..

    Sya baca all ur entry list since ur marriage..i adore ur strengt on how ur trying so hard to conceive..and finally im happy + bergenang airmata bila baca entry yg u pregnant at last..

    Actually, my marriage almost 2 years and im TTC now..always trying like u did before..can u mail me where did u do ur Fertility treatment..

    p/s: saya rasa macam kenal pn syana..dulu u matriks di Kuala pilah ker..

    Bndar Baru Uda

    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      Salam Hajar,

      Thank you for visiting my humble blog. Thanks also for sharing our happiness 🙂

      Mind giving me your email address? Nanti boleh kasi nama lengkap doctor skali. hehe.

      nice knowing you!

      p/s: yup.. saya ex-kmns

  3. arejarz Says:


    ni mail saya,

    means, kita satu matriks dulu..mmg betulla saya kenal kamu..dulu kamu geng ngan bombay kan..


    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      haha. bombay is recognisable everywhere she goes 🙂 maaflah, kalau saya tak ingat hajar yg mana. nanti saya cuba buka balik kotak2 minda yg simpan kenangan kt pilah.

      check ur mail ltr k. 🙂

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