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Happy 10th Week! May 24, 2010

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Dear Little One,

Today, I went to see The Gynae with Tok Aki. Daddy is away at work so he couldn’t accompany me. I still need to be driven around to go places as Nek Wan’s instruction. See, everyone is helping Mummy in taking care of you, my Little One. So you stay strong ok?

You know, I always look forward for my appointment as I will be seeing you, and your little dance in there. Alhamdulillah, today you are 10th week old. The Gynae said you are growing beautifully and healthily. You are now measuring 3.33cm. I think you were asleep as you weren’t dancing you usual dance. Only some movement, which Jac or Abu usually do when I disturb their sleep..hehe. You are strong Little One. I know you are. And I hope you will hang in there, ok?

Mummy now  has to see The Gynae every 4 days for hormonal injection. The injection is important as it will give additional support to my uterus, to make it stronger. It will continue until you reached 12 weeks old. My next appointment would be on Friday. It will be a public holiday and the clinic won’t be open, but the kind Gynae still want to proceed with the appointment. He asked me to text/call him personally when I reached the hospital. Mummy is blessed to be under The Gynae’s care. Alhamdulillah.

There’s still some bleeding inside. But The Gynae said it’s healing. That’s good news. Let’s hope and pray that the bleeding will completely disappear by your 12th week. As Daddy said to you, “Kick the bleeding away Little One!”.

You know, my weight drops a kg since my last weigh in a month ago. The Gynae didn’t comment anything so it should be ok. (Anyway, I started off being a little bit overweight. hahahaha.) It’s expected anyway since I can’t hold down much food. I’m eating like a hamster. Constantly nibbling, but can’t  take big meals. But since you’re growing, it shows that you do get enough nutrition from me.

Anyway, was it you who sent me a sign through my dream last night? In my dream, I was enjoying Nasi Ayam Ojolali. I never eaten there in my whole life my dear and I wasn’t sure it existed until I Googled it. There IS an Indonesian restaurant in Singapore called Ayam Bakar Ojolali. Do you want that Little One? I will let Daddy know ok. *Jangan lepas ni mimpi makan burger unta sudah laaaaa*

Till then Little One. Insyallah I will see you in 4 days time. Take care and be strong k? And while you are in there, do follow Daddy’s advice and kick or blow the bleeding away. 😉

Lots of love,



9 Responses to “Happy 10th Week!”

  1. babytyche08 Says:

    Hope the baby will grow healthy in your tummy and congratulations on your pregnancy.

  2. Syiqah Says:

    Awwww Kak Ana that was so cute and beautiful…..hahaha there you go little one your super awesome mama and soon you’re gonna meet the super fantastic family. Can’t wait to see you then. Remember I am the cutest aunt of them all. Haha

    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      *vomit blood* hahahahhaha. yeah, i know u’re a great aunt (n babysitter). boleh manipulasi nnti. hahah

  3. kak noha Says:

    i wish i can write beautifully as u did to your baby 🙂

    adik, akak takleh imagine ko babysit 2 babies…babies yg ok, ko yg melalak…hehehe…

    • hubbsnmoi Says:

      kak noha dulu saya yg melalak jaga adik sbb dia MESTI NAK MENANGIS ESPECIALLY BILA STUCK KAT TRAFFIC JAM KAT TAMBAK JOHOR. SEPANJANG TAMBAK JOHOR ok dia akan menangis.

      you must pay me back adik! hahahaha

  4. diyana Says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy babe! take care! jaga kesihatan!

  5. yun Says: mau nangis…wuwuwuwuwuwu~

    take care kak ana!

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