In Transition : Episode II

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4 Days in the Hospital May 17, 2010

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We had a scare last week. A real scare.  My department had a meeting last Thursday morning. During the break, I got up from my chair and… when suddenly I felt some ‘swooshing’ down there. O’oh. My first thought was, “What was that???”. I rushed to the toilet and…

There was blood. I started to panic.

I had some bleeding before, but mostly it were old dried blood. Brownish or pinkish. The Gynae told me, if it’s old blood, it should be ok.. But if it’s in red and fresh… it’s not good.

It was red, and fresh blood. But I didn’t feel any pain down there. But there was blood.


I was in panic. The only thing I can think of, is… Ya Allah..let the baby be ok..let the baby be ok. I came out of the toilet and the first person I saw was my colleague Kak Zafa, who is pregnant too. I went up to her and told her what I saw and I broke down there and then. She consoled me, and asked for help from another colleague, En. F to drive us to the university’s clinic. Saya yang sedang panic ini boleh insist nak drive on my own all the way to my Gynae’s at Seri Alam.

They are God send.

At the clinic, the doctor scanned and said that the baby is still in there. Tapi dari mesin tahun tok kadok *maaflah, i’m so used to the mesin yg sangat advance at my Gynae”, that’s all the doc can say. Initially they wanted to refer me to GH, but I insisted.. no I begged.. please send me to my Gynae. And they did exactly that. After putting me on drip *sakitnya* they send me to my Gynae.. in the university’s ambulance.. all the way from Skudai to Seri Alam.

I had motion sickness throughout the journey. It was bumpy, and noisy. Yeah the siren was on. I was all alone, and all I could do was to recite Al-Fatihah over and over again.

To be continued…


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