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Happy 10th Week! May 24, 2010

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Dear Little One,

Today, I went to see The Gynae with Tok Aki. Daddy is away at work so he couldn’t accompany me. I still need to be driven around to go places as Nek Wan’s instruction. See, everyone is helping Mummy in taking care of you, my Little One. So you stay strong ok?

You know, I always look forward for my appointment as I will be seeing you, and your little dance in there. Alhamdulillah, today you are 10th week old. The Gynae said you are growing beautifully and healthily. You are now measuring 3.33cm. I think you were asleep as you weren’t dancing you usual dance. Only some movement, which Jac or Abu usually do when I disturb their sleep..hehe. You are strong Little One. I know you are. And I hope you will hang in there, ok?

Mummy now  has to see The Gynae every 4 days for hormonal injection. The injection is important as it will give additional support to my uterus, to make it stronger. It will continue until you reached 12 weeks old. My next appointment would be on Friday. It will be a public holiday and the clinic won’t be open, but the kind Gynae still want to proceed with the appointment. He asked me to text/call him personally when I reached the hospital. Mummy is blessed to be under The Gynae’s care. Alhamdulillah.

There’s still some bleeding inside. But The Gynae said it’s healing. That’s good news. Let’s hope and pray that the bleeding will completely disappear by your 12th week. As Daddy said to you, “Kick the bleeding away Little One!”.

You know, my weight drops a kg since my last weigh in a month ago. The Gynae didn’t comment anything so it should be ok. (Anyway, I started off being a little bit overweight. hahahaha.) It’s expected anyway since I can’t hold down much food. I’m eating like a hamster. Constantly nibbling, but can’t  take big meals. But since you’re growing, it shows that you do get enough nutrition from me.

Anyway, was it you who sent me a sign through my dream last night? In my dream, I was enjoying Nasi Ayam Ojolali. I never eaten there in my whole life my dear and I wasn’t sure it existed until I Googled it. There IS an Indonesian restaurant in Singapore called Ayam Bakar Ojolali. Do you want that Little One? I will let Daddy know ok. *Jangan lepas ni mimpi makan burger unta sudah laaaaa*

Till then Little One. Insyallah I will see you in 4 days time. Take care and be strong k? And while you are in there, do follow Daddy’s advice and kick or blow the bleeding away. 😉

Lots of love,



Look, who’s wriggling? May 17, 2010

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I was  wheeled into the Gynae’s room and was greeted with, “Why are you bleeding? I just saw you 2 days ago and we don’t expect any problem. Do you *do the do* last night?? You ada jalan2 ke mana2 ke?”

And I answered, “I don’t know. NO! I was so nauseous yesterday I slept at 9.30. NO doing the do. no jalan2. nothing.”

Then the Gynae asked, “Are you crying?”

“I was!”

“Come. We do some scanning. Let me show you the baby is fine. Don’t worry. The baby is fine. Trust me.”

And he was right, the baby is doing fine. Swimming happily in my womb. Serta-merta meredakan kegusaran yang dialami.

“Dah. you can stop worrying now. See the baby is healthy,”

Senyum kambing di situ, sambil lap air mata.

The Gynae was a bit baffled on where the bleeding came. It has stopped once I reached the hospital. From the scan, he detected some bleeding near the placenta. “Can you stay in the ward?” the Gynae asked.

“Do I have any other choice?”, I asked back.

“I’m not to keen to send you home. I want to put you under observation for 2 days and complete bed rest.”


Hubby came in not long after that *thanks hubby, terpaksa meninggalkan kerja and rushing all the way from S’pore* and he agreed to have me warded for 2 days.

Macam mana 2 hari boleh jadi 4 hari? On  Saturday, the day I’m supposed to be discharged, the Gynae wasn’t too happy with the bleeding. He said it’s still there, only that we can’t see it since it’s contained in the uterus. Maka, saya dianugerahkan 1-2 hari stay in the hospital. But before that, he did asked who is paying for my hospital stay *on our own*, do I have any insurance *yes, but not medical card. so my stay isn’t covered*, and please let him know if the cost is bothering us and he will find other ways.

Sesungguhnya saya hendak menangis mendengar kata2 dari seorang doctor yang begitu menjaga kebajikan pesakit.

Dan saya lagi nak menangis bila the Gynae let us hear our baby’s heartbeats. wahh.. u r really strong little one!

Jadi, stay lah saya for another night, but this time Hubby is accompanying me. Kebetulan katil sebelah takde patient, jadi dapatlah Hubby tido di situ. Terharu saya.

On Sunday *Doc ni serious tak cuti ke?* the Gynae gave us good news, he’s planing to discharged me. But first, he wanted to scan and check how it’s going on down there. The prospect of going home is making me happy… Really happy that the baby in my tummy was dancing!!Literally! Heehe. The Gynae was checking the uterus and the baby when we saw some movement there. At first it sort of kicking/stretching it’s leg. Then it wriggled it’s head and body. ahhh.. my baby is dancing!! hahah. What a happy sight. 🙂

The bleeding is still there. Tapi the Gynae kata it’s not getting any bigger. Just have a lot of rest and jgn buat kerja berat.

We went home, and as per Gynae’s instruction, complete bed rest for the rest of the week. Yeap, I’m on MC the whole week. I am confined to the lower part of my home. I should rest in bed most of the time, penat baring duduk, penat duduk baring balik. penat lagi..pandai2 la hiburkan diri. Yes, it can be tiring..and mundane.. but my main concern is this little one inside me.. so you just do whatever you gotta do right?

Please pray for the wellbeing of my little one, as well as the mommy. And thank you for doing so.


4 Days in the Hospital

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We had a scare last week. A real scare.  My department had a meeting last Thursday morning. During the break, I got up from my chair and… when suddenly I felt some ‘swooshing’ down there. O’oh. My first thought was, “What was that???”. I rushed to the toilet and…

There was blood. I started to panic.

I had some bleeding before, but mostly it were old dried blood. Brownish or pinkish. The Gynae told me, if it’s old blood, it should be ok.. But if it’s in red and fresh… it’s not good.

It was red, and fresh blood. But I didn’t feel any pain down there. But there was blood.


I was in panic. The only thing I can think of, is… Ya Allah..let the baby be ok..let the baby be ok. I came out of the toilet and the first person I saw was my colleague Kak Zafa, who is pregnant too. I went up to her and told her what I saw and I broke down there and then. She consoled me, and asked for help from another colleague, En. F to drive us to the university’s clinic. Saya yang sedang panic ini boleh insist nak drive on my own all the way to my Gynae’s at Seri Alam.

They are God send.

At the clinic, the doctor scanned and said that the baby is still in there. Tapi dari mesin tahun tok kadok *maaflah, i’m so used to the mesin yg sangat advance at my Gynae”, that’s all the doc can say. Initially they wanted to refer me to GH, but I insisted.. no I begged.. please send me to my Gynae. And they did exactly that. After putting me on drip *sakitnya* they send me to my Gynae.. in the university’s ambulance.. all the way from Skudai to Seri Alam.

I had motion sickness throughout the journey. It was bumpy, and noisy. Yeah the siren was on. I was all alone, and all I could do was to recite Al-Fatihah over and over again.

To be continued…