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Sickness & Cravings April 30, 2010

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Im halfway to the 8th week, and boy oh boy there were some changes, physically and.. physically. Alhamdulillah, I haven’t had any major mood swings or drama. Only that, I’m easily moved by romantic, happy songs.

Such as this song, which I watched yesterday, over and over again. With tears trickling down the cheeks and laughing at myself for doing so over such song. (Four days of sick leave, really leaves you with nothing better to do. heh)

*little one, please don’t follow mummy’s weepiness, okay?*

Let’s go to the list of changes I’m going through or have gone through. *Note: According to Murkoff, Eisenberg & Hathaway (2002) these changes are normal during pregnancy, but may differ from one person to another.

1. Tightness of clothing around waist and breasts -Even though, I am not ‘showing’ yet, but putting on jeans, pants and kain will make me queasy as they are becoming more snug. It’s either I have to wear it reallllllyy low (thank you punggung warisan) or realllllllyy high, right under the ribs. Oh, and yeah, am having no problem at all filling in my bra. That, I have no complaint. 😉

2. Occasional headaches – the headaches are more pronounce now especially during my 4 days sick leave. I’m not really sure if it is cause by being trapped inside the house spending most of the time either sleeping, surfing the Internet or watching the tv. It might be from the heat too. It usually starts around 2pm and will lasts till Hubby reach homes 8pm. Hormones or just plain mengada-ngada? Hahaha

3. Nausea, with or without vomiting – Alhamdulillah, so far I have no morning sickness BUT evening sickness. Sometimes it comes along with the headaches. Peak hour is from 5pm till Hubby comes home 8pm.  Among the main culprit that would trigger the queasiness are the smell of cooking oil being heated, or anything being fried. Thank god for Vicks.

4. Food cravings and aversion – so far, no cravings. But I love sweet things. Right now I am imagining, I’m savouring a huge slice of Secret Recipe’s Banana Chocolate Cake. Aduh… Ok stop. I can eat pretty much everything, but not too much. Everything must be in small portions. Moderation is the key. I would tend to throw up if I have too much of these – curry (the last time I ate keema and chapati, I threw up the whole thing. darn. it’s my favourite!), fried foods and anything with santan in it. I pretty much steer clear of seafood, and also sour or spicy food (as per Hubby instruction). Oh, Hubby forced me to I drink milk 2 times per day now, walaupun sebelum minum tu kena termenung lamaaaa dan tarik nafas panjang. As a result I have become …

5. A flatulence machine – atau kentut machine. Between me and Hubby, he used to do more kentuting than me, but now it’s the other way round. Thanks milk.

6. Fatigue – this was more pronounce between 5th-7th week. Only 9pm, and I am off to lala land. But this week, I can stay awake until pass 10.30pm. Well, maybe because I am on sick leave, and can afford to have that extra snooze during the day. We’ll see next week.

That’s it for now. I am just listing out the changes I’m going through, to share. and not to complain. As I told my younger sister, “If this is what it takes to have the baby, bring it on!”. Not being cocky, but all these have its reward in the end. Sometimes, the hardships that we went through to achieve what we really want, makes the achievement much much much sweeter and worth it. Oh, and by the way, the bleeding has subside. Alhamdulillah. All clear now. Keep the prayers for mummy and little one coming. 🙂


The 7th Week April 28, 2010

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I’m currently on sick leave for the whole week. Thus, the blogging in the early morning.

In my last post, it was stated that I was to visit the doctor every Thursday. But we decided to see him earlier this week, which was yesterday as I’ve been bleeding on/off since the weekend.

During the previous week scan, the Doctor has noted some bleeding in the uterus, which he said nothing to worry about. That’s among the reason I need the jab for extra  support as well as daily dosage of dydrogesterone (or Duphaston which need to be taken orally 3 times per day). But the bleeding that I had on Saturday and Sunday were different – in color. It was more darker, more brownish than pinkish. Alarm di kepala sudah set off.

So, strict order from Hubby. I must be off my feet most of the time and think happy thoughts. Hehe. We’ll see whether it would subside in 2 days. I was to take Urgent Leave from work on Monday and rest in bed.

Monday came, and the bleeding was still there, though lighter in color. Hati sudah gundah gulana. Hubby sudah tidak boleh fokus di  tempat kerja. It was decided, must see the Doc on Tuesday, first thing in the morning.

Off we went to see the Doc. After telling him the problem, he scanned me *from the other end* and that was the longest scanning session E.V.E.R.

Good news – yes, there were some bleeding, nothing major and it’s only dried blood. He had other patients who had major bleeding, and still continuing her pregnancy. As long as there is no fresh, bright red blood coming out, accompanied by contraction or throbbing pain, I will be ok. Don’t worry he said, think positive and have a lot of rest. Yup, that’s the reason for 1 week sick leave.

Better news – while being prodded *down there*, he showed me what was supposed to be a tiny…reallllly tiny heart beat fluttering inside me. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Alhamdulillah. You be strong little one!! Hope to see stronger and more visible heartbeat on our next visit.

After giving me the usual jab, we will have to see him next Tuesday, instead of Thursday. We felt much better after seeing the Doc. Segala worry dan concern telah diluahkan dan telah pun dijawab. I guess, it’s OKAY to be paranoid or neurotic when being pregnant as we never experience this before. Just follow your instinct and the moment you feel different, straight to the doc walaupun sebenarnye takde ape2. better be safe than sorry kan?

Thanks Doc for the assurance, and thanks Hubby for accompanying me (and lose some sleep, worrying about me 🙂 )

Keep the prayers coming. And thank you for doing so.



6 weeks and counting April 26, 2010

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Alhamdulillah. I am currently 6 weeks and counting. Thank you ya Allah for giving me the chance to get pregnant again. And I hope ya Allah provide us with strength and health, for the baby to grow healthily, beautifully and without any complication inside my womb.

We knew about the pregnancy about 2 weeks ago, from my 1st urine test result. The positive result wasn’t strong so the doctor scheduled for another test the following week. Tapi disebabkan anxious, Hubby and I decided to do another one on our own about 3 days after. Again, a faint line did appear. It was really funny. Us trying to get a good look at the result.  “Pregnant ke? nampak tak line tu?”. Squint some more. “Nampak tu.. pregnant kot?”. Duduk bawak lampu pulak. “Haa..sini jelas sikit. Tapi tak pekat pulak line dia”.

Jadi, tunggulah apa doctor kata minggu seterusnya.

On the 5th week, the two blue lines appeared on the stick. Two biru pekat. Syukur ya Allah.

Last week was the 6th week, and the doctor showed us the gestational sac formed inside the uterus. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Initially, I was in a dilemma, whether to announce it this early. The first trimester is a very fragile and delicate stage. But I go ahead anyway (since my blog isn’t being read by THAT many people pon). The reason being, we hope that more people would pray for us, for me and the baby. Please keep on praying, and thank you for doing so.

Now, we will have to visit the gynae every Thursday so he could monitor the fetus growth and progress closely. Also he would administer a jab on my hip (thank god for the fat tissues! haha) every week until the 11th to make my womb stronger.

Thank you ya Allah. Thank you for your prayers.

I’ll see you soon with more good news. Insyallah.


A Note to Self April 21, 2010

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I was going through some old files and folders in my PC when I found this note written for my self.


I passed almost every test in my life. Except for the pregnancy test.

I was talking with my colleague over brunch. She has been married for 2 years, and like me, trying to conceive. After failing the pregnancy test over and over again, we have built an aversion towards the stick.

I’m telling you, nothing is as suspense as waiting for the two blue lines to appear. You went into the toilet with anticipation, high hopes (you tend to feel that way, no matter how hard u tried not to), all the positive vibes were with you.

But upon seeing the result, you would feel the opposite.

Sad and depressed.

Therefore, my new year resolution would be:

I won’t buy the stick but instead I would pray to Allah for the sign.


And I will keep praying for everything to be smooth, for my womb to be healthy and strong to protect the tiny embryo from any harm.

And try to think and stay positive at all times.


Baby Making Journey: The Result April 12, 2010

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It’s still too early to say anything.

Scheduled for another round of urine test this Thursday.

Thanks for your prayer. And, please continue doing so.

p/s: You might have wonder about the previous posts on the topic gone missing. It’s there but for my keeping only, as I have marked it as private, as per DH instruction. 🙂


Baby Making Journey : Being Pricked and Prodded April 2, 2010

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Last night we had another appointment with The Gynae. This time it was to check the lining of my womb, as well as for a jab. We came earlier this time as the kind nurse had booked a slot for us last week. “Akak tinggal jauh. Jadi kita ambilkan nombor siap2 untuk akak. Akak no. 4. Selalu kita tak buat gini, tapi sebab akak jauh, kita ambilkan.”

We reached there close to 9pm, and boy, the clinic was full. We managed to watch 999, and even completed Penunggu Gunung Raya, both on TV3 before our turn came.

Scanning was done from the other end and Alhamdulillah, all looked well. The egg that we saw last week has ovulated, and the womb lining was thick, which he said very suitable for embryo implantation. Hopefully, if fertilization did occur, an embryo is formed and enters the womb; we will get to see a positive result next week.

Afterwards, The Gynae gave me a prick on the hip. Ouch. That always hurt! He injected me with, a hormone I guess, to make sure that the womb maintained it’s thickness for a successful implantation. In other words, to make the womb strong so that it can hold the embryo. If I do get pregnant, I will have to see him for my weekly jab on the butt!! If that’s what it takes to have a baby of our own, I don’t mind being pricked and prodded many times.

But this morning, I woke up with a bit of numbness on my left hip. Still can tahan a bit. No problem.

So, before saying our goodbyes, The Gynae gave me a container to store my 1st morning wee wee next Thursday. Yeap, next week: urine test.

Among many tests and examinations I’ve taken, I really really want to pass this one: pregnancy test. I am already feeling nervous.

Please pray for us.