In Transition : Episode II

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Baby Making Journey : Being IF March 26, 2010

We decided to change gynae. Well, it’s more to I decided to change gynae. Hubby just went along.

It was a hard decision for me to change gynae as Scorpion known to be loyal. Obvious proof would be, I’m married to the man whom I’ve dated since 12 years ago. I  am still wearing the same crocs which I wore to my honeymoon. No matter how haus the sole. I favour Coke over Pepsi. I only eat sardin cap ayam. Ok.. merapu.. tapi you get the point.

It took me a while to convince hubby about the change. Especially when he got to know the gynae I was planning to see is a male doctor. He was uncomfortable with the idea. Understandable la kan. But I was.. ermm.. desperate?The doc was recommended by my colleagues. And besides being an ob&gyn, he also specialised in IF.

IF.. Infertility. The word I dreaded the most to hear and to utter. But, that’s the fact.

Anyway, we went to see him last nite. Our appointment was set at 11pm. He is soooo famous that his clinic remains open until 11.00pm. Sometimes until 12midnite. And mind you, there are another couple after us. Sangat dedikasinye doktor itu kan?

When our turn came, kami masuk consultation room yang macam living room (sofa dia english garden style k, pandai dia main psycho make people feel at easy..see how can u not like him from the start?). His first word after greeting us… “What can I do for you?”.. wahhh… He was soft spoken, and.. get this.. when we told him we’re 3 months shy of our 2nd anniversary, dia pun berkata.. “Owhh.. baru je ni..still got time” . hahaha. Also I am able to tell him my medical history (the miscarriage, diagnosis, treatments I went through) without getting teary eyed dan suara tersekat2!! hahaha. and I remember to tell him everything, tidak rasa nervous..walaupun initially rasa gitu. Maybe because Hubby was there kot? Or maybe pasal doctor tu sikit lagi nak jadi psychiatrist. haha.

He was very thorough. He would take his time to explain satu persatu.. biarlah orang kat luar tu menunggu.. biarlah dia balik lambat. I told him that I’m currently on my 4th cycle of clomid. The latest one was 150mg/day. The doc agak terkejut, cos he said agak tinggi dosage tu.. u tak pening ka?? terharu ok sebab I pernah cerita my pening2ness and mualness to my previous gynae and guess what she said.. “it’s a psychosis.. sometimes when we want something too bad (get pregnant), we started to feel like it. ” Tapi apa yg saya dengar adalah – are you that desperate??

Jadi selepas berbual2 dan get to know session, proses scanning pun bermula. Since it’s already 14 days after my 1st day period, I am due for follicular scanning. After giving his review.. “oh, it’s a beautiful womb, it’s thick, it’s in a nice shape,” Seriously, I never felt any prouder of my womb before. hehe. He saw something what he hoped to be an egg, “This is a good size egg, etc etc”.  So he gave me a jab to my tummy. Suntikan yang paling TAK sakit. geli2 je ada. He injected me with lutenizing hormon, to trigger ovulation. Dia explain sambil jab. Maca mana kat wikipedia penerangannya tuh, macam gitu jugak lah dia terangkan. During that time, Hubby was seated on the sofa (yg english rose tuu), sambil tgk the scanned images on the tv in front of him. Bagus kan, secara tak langsung dia libatkan suami kita and at the same time make sure he’s at ease.

Men biasalah..benda gini pun nak cuak dan sipu2. ho ho.

Afterwards, dia pun memberi la nasihat2 dan apa2 yg patut ;). Antaranya adalah, dia kata saya patut ‘downsize’. hahaha. see, sgt menjaga perasaan tau doc ni sebab tak guna pun perkataan kena kuruskan badan, tapi downsize. hehehe. katanya for my height, my ideal weight should be 50kg. Horror!! When I was 50kg, Kakak cakap saya macam mancis!!! Tak kisahlah, maybe it’s time for me to lose some weight.   Pastu, the doc asked us to see him again next week. Yup, dia akan monitor saya every week, to understand and study my condition. Kerana setiap orang kes mereka adalah unik. Dan dia ada juga memberi beberapa ubat yg perlu di makan.. hmm..mmg sgt berlainan dgn gynae sebelum ini.

Betul kawan saya cakap, bila jumpa doktor ni, anda akan pulang dengan harapan.

Doakan kami semoga treatment kali ni berjaya. Amin.