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Belated Birthday Gift December 31, 2009

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Finally, Hubby bought me my birthday presents. Note the plurals. SO what if it’s due more than..ermm.. 2 months?? haha. I got TWO presents!

Yeap TWO presents! Everywhere in S’pore are having massive year end sales. MASSIVE discounts for MASSIVE brands.

For my birthday present, I wished for a new handbag. Our search for one started way back on my birthday month. Initally I wanted one from Liz Clairborne. But, the designed were too mommy-like. Hubby pun cakap tak lawa. So, we started to look at different brands.

Braun Buffel? Hubby’s eyes were nearly popped out of it’s socket just glancing at the prices. Haha. Nak buat camne, benda yang cantik mestilah mahal kan? ūüėČ

Elle? Hrmph. Hubby’s said the design didn’t do justice to the price.

Haiyoo. Buying handbags were never this difficult!

So difficult, until I told Hubby, let’s wait for the year end sale and he will do the choosing.

And finally he bought me one. Thank God Hubby’s taste is boleh tahan.

But, he wouldn’t let me bring my new handbag to the office. What’s the point then???????

Jadi kalau tak boleh bawa office, maksudnya tak boleh letak gambar kat blog jugak la kan? hahaha


Another present is a new pair of trainer from adidas. Perfect present for my new year esolution – to be fitter, healthier and happier! ūüôā Sangat excited, keep on pestering Hubby – bila kita nak gi jalan-jalan kat park ni? nak test kasut baru. hehe.

The trainer is to replace my adidas trainer yang telah di’pau’ oleh one of the male cousin when I was a student in KL. Since then, I never bought a proper trainers. Merajuk hati. I even went to the gym wearing Power trainer yang gedabak itu as they don’t have different sizes for male and female. Sampai Hubby pun tegur. Kesian katanya. hehe.

Mind you, the adidas trainer yang dipau was a trainer for female. Female size 5.5. Haha. ingat tu! I left it in the store room in my grandparent’s home in KL, and the next thing I knew it’s gone. And guess where I found it? IN MY COUSIN’S CAR!! MALE COUSIN!! sheeesh.. If it’s not yours, it must be some one else kan. So never think it’s free for your use!? Simple like that. I was angry BEYOND words, can’t even bring myself to tell him THE SHOES ARE MINE!

Owh. His sister did told him off. Guess what he said?

“Ambik je la balik dari kereta aku tu.”

Shesh. Kau da pakai busuk2 pastu suruh AKU ambik sendiri ye? Maybe to him it’s just a shoe, what”s the big deal??

It was a big deal cause those were an encouragement gift from my dad to do well in my study. Sebagai student yang tidak berpendapatan, and never successfully grew money on trees,  it was my only luxury item back then.

Ok. Harus learn to let go of my anger. Past anger. Dendam itu tidak bagus.

Sudah ada kasut baru, usah marah lagi ya? ūüėÄ


Singaporean Hubby, Malaysian Wife December 19, 2009

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If you are a Malaysian married to a Singaporean and call Johor as your home, you would be¬†familiar with the problem we’re facing – for the Malaysian, 32 pages of Malaysian passport that cost RM300 can only last you for about less than two years. Meanwhile the Singaporean, who travelled in and out frequently, the 64 pages of Singapore passport that cost SGD70¬†can only last for a year.

However, we are thankful with the introduction of Malaysia Automated Clearance System or MACS. MACS was first introduced for foreigners who are working in Iskandar City. Now, the application is¬†also opened to frequent traveller from Singapore (more than 4 times per month). With MACS, you don’t have to go through the hassle of filling in the embarkation form, and – this is the best part – there’s no need for stamping!! Save pages!! As long as he enters Malaysia via CIQ or Tanjung Kupang, Hubby doesn’t have to BEG for the white form anymore and his passport can last for the whole validity period without a single stamp in it!! Wohooo! Jimaaaaaaaat. Alhamdulillah.

Application has to be made online at Print and bring the completed form along with two photographs (gambar passport ye bukan gambar kawin)¬†and RM30¬†to MACS counter in CIQ or Tanjung Kupang. The counter are open for 24 hours (We wanted to test the system so we applied for Hubby’s¬†on last Wednesday at¬†11.30pm. ngantuk gila¬†muka pegawai tu. haha). Our advice, apply when you’re going out of Malaysia instead of coming in. They¬†would process the application on the spot and would be ready¬†in 20-30mins. Each applicaton would last for one year. A sticker with some sort of chip (bukan potato chip, tapi microchip) would be pasted inside the passport. So the next time you come in to Singapore, they would scan the sticker and the chip, and that’s it.

Mudah bukan?

We are also thankful for the introduction of Malaysian passport that only cost RM100 to make and has two years validity. Less damage to our pockets, but this also means it has become more affordable to most people which resulted to us spending THE WHOLE DAY at Wisma Persekutuan Johor Bahru for my new passport!

Some  of you might say, go to Pekan Rabu instead, less crowd. Oh boy, we did just that. We arrived there at 7.30 and the line was sooooooooo long, seperti ular kena palu. We heard the queue started at 4am. FOUR IN THE MORNING??! Terasa seperti nak audition untuk Akademi Fantasia pula. Yang paling best, setelah beratur selama 30minit (sempat main Scrabble on PSP), nombor telah habis. Habis kat orang yang beratur pukul 6.30pagi. Arghhhhh. I think the adminisitration has to revise the way they handed out the numbers to the people queueing. I understand, you would only put 1 person to queue on behalf of the family yang boleh sampai ke 7-8 orang. Tapi bila ambil nombor, sekali 8 kau ambik without checking whether they have completed their forms!. Orang belakang kau sentap ke tak sentap???

So, Hubby and I rushed to Wisma Persekutuan, and nasib ada nombor lagi. Surprisingly, it is less crowded than Pekan Rabu. At 8.30am, the officer checked my application form, ensure everything is complete and gave me number 272. Fuh. sempat. Jadilah. Difahamkan, the last number would be 300. I asked one of the officer, around what time would be my turn, and she said, “Tak pasti dik. Sistem tengah offline. Satu Malaysia offline. Pegilah minum dulu”

Hubby made a remark , why Malaysia like to blame the computer system when things go wrong. Like Alliance Bank who gave us the same answer, TWICE. (Ikhs, tak sudah-sudah marah Alliance Bank nampak hahaha) 

Sementara menunggu, sempat pergi¬†Putri Specialist for blood test and scheduled an appointment (which later has to be cancelled as the doctor was warded. Kesian doc). Came back and the number reached 120++. ¬†Went out again for breakfast and came back at 11.00, nombor dah 170++. Asked another officer, agak-agak when would be my turn, he said, “Lambat lagi ni, boleh balik mandi.”

Oh. Sinis ye kau.

Hubby calculated, our turn would be in an hour time. Afraid that we would miss our turn, we decided to wait. Banyakla an hour. Pukul 2.45 baru nombor ku sampai. Suratkhabar pun dah habis baca, sampai part obituary pun dibaca sebab lama menunggu. PSP pun dah nak habis bateri. Hehe. Because from 12.00noon to 2.00pm seems like the time suddenly stood still. Nombor yang tadinya laju, tiba-tiba menjadi perlahan, dan adakala tidak bertukar pun. Oh, LUNCH la.. diorang pun nak kena pegi makan kan???

Things never change.

2.45pm – submitted form. Wait again for name to be called to make payment.

3.00pm- Made the payment, and the officer informed the passport would be ready at 4.45pm.

Afterwards, we rushed to deposit some monies into the bank (Bukan Alliance), balik for Zohor and power nap, and went back to Wisma at 4.30pm. At 5.30pm, I finally get my passport.  

Aduh. Lagi dua tahun kena go through this ALL OVER AGAIN. Hopefully by that time sedang mengandung atau sudah ada anak dibawah 2 tahun jadi boleh buat di Priority Counter. ūüėõ


The Day I Decided to Photo-Blog December 16, 2009

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It’s amazing to realise how the simplest things in life could inspire you. I had a long day in the office, nearly dozed off behind the wheel. Once I reached home, went straight to my room and went totally knocked out. With baju kurung, hamis and all. Sangat penat. And yes, kerja adalah sangat menimbun (yeah, bring my work home. But to do it is a different story.. insert pathetic laugh/smirk here)

Back to the first sentence. So I was tired, sleepy and hungry. Factor in the absence of the Hubby, thus the laziness, no-mood-for-anything simply multiply. After fixing myself a simple dinner (since my parents are away, I asked the maid not to cook), I decided to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (TSTP2) on HBO. And boy, my eyes were glued to the tv watching the second installment. This time the girls – Tibby, Carmen, Bridgette and Lena are all grown up and attending colleges, except¬† for Tibby who works in a video store.¬† For a start, I am not a fan of chic-lit, you know the damsel in distress, prince charming kinda stories. I’m all for girl power kinda thing. Heh. So, anyway the story was very heartwarming, about mending relationship, friendship and yeah, soul searching.

Maka, dengan bangganya saya mengaku, I cried watching the movie. Menangis dan selepas itu terasa sangat lega, dan terus mendapat inspirasi. To actually think that this movie was based on a fiction written for teenagers – iyelah about coming of age and everything. Haha. Ain’t I a bit too old for that? But the point is, it made me feel good afterwards. Untuk julung kalinya saya tidak tidur awal bila Hubby tiada di rumah!! Wohoo! Dan terus dapat inspirasi untuk update blog with pictures!

Adik mesti bangga dapat tahu ni. (Speaking of her, I’m sort of missing her. Sigh, Adik, when are we going to play Monopoly City against Abg Napi the self confessed Monopoly champ ni?)

Therefore, let me share with you these pictures. Nothing new, the stories accompanying the pictures were posted before anyway. ūüôā


The crooked finger and the missing soul sole

Picture was taken after representing my department in a netball game. The left index finger bent awkwardly and still is even after 3 weeks. Oh my !¬† Why is the finger looked stubby and chubby? It was swollen actually. Bukan gemok la! *denial* haha. Meanwhile, in the background is my right sneaker which lost it’s soul sole. There’s supposed to be a black sole underneath it, but what’s left only the white flappy thingy. Itulah, main netball 9 tahun sekali. Mana tak jadi gitu. :p

No. 2

Aftermath of the Korean against Germany

No. 2. The reason behind me being RM500 poorer. Thanks to Hubby who kindly subsidised 3/4 of the cost, I am poorer by RM150 only:D. Ops, excluding the repair cost for Baba’s car. Alamak. This is the second accident in a year. And this time involving Baba”s Matrix and some unlucky penghantar suratkhabat’s BMW 5 series with plate number JFN 3*88.¬† See the reflection on the car’s window. yup, it happened outside Alliance Bank. Something needs to be done about my relationship with Alliance Bank. Heh. Dan sampai kini tak percaya the owner works as newspaper delivery man.

No. 3

The 5a.m Chicken Burger/Patties

Drew the inspiration from Ayin’s entry on homemade burgers with some tweaks and adjustments. Pardon the very low quality and amateurish pictures. Burger pun tak larat nak posing pukul 5 pagi tau! Why 5a.m? That’s the time I woke up to prepare my Hubby’s breakfast and bekal to work. Sangat bersyukur he works 15 days per month, and only 7/8 days in the morning. Kalau tidak, saya akan kelihatan seperti beruang panda di dapur setiap 5 pagi. Hehe.

The No.3 is among our effort in eating healthier, and initiates my Project Sandwiches/Burgers – to create a wholesome sandwiches ala Subway for Hubby’s lunch/brunch box. At least we know what we put in the burgers, unlike those bought from the supermarkets. Since we are also trying to conceive, jadi what goes in, matters. ūüôā It’s not exactly good to have fast food/processed food frequently. Sad to say, those kind of food are easier to prepare/cook especially in Plus, it’s also easy to consume (read: bila makan nampak macho), on the go kind of thing, which is sangatlah sesuai untuk orang lelaki kan. With that, item no. 3 will be included in my New Year Resolution – eat and cook healthily. Expect more homemade sandwiches/burgers to come!! Notes: Is there a way to maintain the crunchiness of the veggies until it’s time to be consumed? Hubby refuses to have any in his sandwiches as he said it would be soggy and taste funny by the time he eats it. Any ideas?

Eh, do I have to put up the recipes too? ūüėČ

Lastly, to wrap up the eat and cook healthy campaign, presenting the motto, as modeled by my 2 year old nephew, Izz Irfan

*Give peas a chance*

Peace out! or shall I say Peas out?


Perihal Mandi December 11, 2009

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Saya rasa seperti mahu mandi bunga saja. Semalam, saya terlibat dalam kemalangan lagi. Melanggar kereta yang sedang parkir secara illegal ketika saya mengudur. Kereta itu adalah BMW. Saya pula sedang memandu kereta Baba. Hubby pula duduk di sebelah. Ketika itu kami baru usai mendeposit wang ke Alliance Bank.

Saya perlu mandi bunga.

How it happened?Usah ditanya kami tidak nampak kah? kami tidak periksa kah? Hubby tidak sedar kah? Entahlah, saya tiada hati untuk bercerita. Saya sangat kesal dengan diri sendiri kerana cuai. Saya sedar, sejak kebelakangan ini fikiran saya mudah melayang, mudah distracted. Kak Liza (kawan baik di office) kata mungkin saya stress. Hais.

Saya perlu mandi ais. Utk hilangkan stress.

Ketika kejadian, ada ah-moi duduk di co-pilot seat. Dia menekan horn apabila perlanggaran telah berlaku. Remuk kedalam pintu belakang BMW itu. Dengan sekuat-kuatnya Ah Moi itu memanggil saya BODOH AH LU!! Saya pekakkan telinga saja. Saya dan Hubby sangat keliru, “eh sejak bila ada kereta kat belakang ni?”.

Kereta Baba memang kuat. Hanya tercedera sedikit. Bayangkan, saya tidak menekan minyak pun. Hanya roll ke belakang dan BMW boleh remuk.

Suami ah moi itu baru usai mendeposit wang di bank yang sama. Apabila dia keluar dari bank dia tidak pun menengking atau memaki saya. Nasib baik. Mungkin dia pun tahu dia ada silap kerana parkir bukan di tempat yang sepatutnya, dan menghalang kami dari mengundur. Dia cuma berkata, “Alamak, macam mana boleh langgar?.”

Saya dan Hubby tak kuasa nak bertekak. Penat pulang kerja. Tenaga sudah berkurangan. Lelaki itu pun begitu juga. Cuma ah-moi tu saja yang melebih-lebih. Biasalah, emo. Saya tak mahu menegakkan yang basah. Membasahkan yang bengkok. Eii macam keji bunyinya. Saya cuma kata, “Esok saya tanya kawan saya di Taman U, minta harga. You pun tanya mekanik you, minta harga. Kita kasi settle.”

Dalam hati, saya dan Hubby membuat anggaran silap-silap boleh sampai RM700 ni. Aduh.

Sejam selepas kejadian, pemilik itu menelefon. Katanya semuanya dalam RM500. Malam itu juga  kami sedekahkan RM500 kepada pemilik BMW itu. Settlekan cepat-cepat. Mujur RM500. Kami sudah terbayang lebih daripada itu.

Saya perlu mandi bunga. Kan?

p/s: Pemilik BMW itu bekerja menghantar suratkhabar di kawasan perumahan saya. Wah. Lumayan!


Kewajipan Seorang Blogger December 8, 2009

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…adalah meng’update’ blog. Saya telah mengabaikan tanggungjawab itu atas beberapa sebab (see, must give reason. always have reason. sampai bila nak berubah ni?). But here are the gists…

1. Remember when I said I have to play netball for my department? We didn’t win, but the game went well. It was one sided anyway, my dept’s players were mostly ibu-ibu, while the other team had anak-anak dara, dan ibu muda as their players. Heh. I was the team’s GA. I scored 3 out of 5 goals, injured my left index finger (it was swollen for days, and still swollen till today dan telah mengerekot!!! arghhh) and lost the sole of my sneaker. A game well played.

2. The end of year is here. Have so many meetings and courses to be attended. Deadlines to be met. End of year appraisal (aku berserahhhhhhh). Say it

3. My best friend since high school, Dadar aka Eilda ePaL aka DoraLina has tied the knot last month!!! Initially I volunteered to bake cupcakes for her wedding, but with my nature of job which is SO unpredictable, I back out. So sedih you know. But Dadar, I would bake for u when you started to have cravings! ūüėȬ† I wish you a happy life, here and after with your Hubby!

4. What else? Oh, received e-mails from both Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Will include it in my next post. Very menghargai customer they two. Thumbs up!

5. But can’t say the same thing to A&W Restaurant (Bukit Indah branch). Have to queue for 30minutes, just to have my orders taken. Fast food you say??

6. And ditto to Alliance Bank. The customer service sucks BIG TIME! I can’t tell the full story without being emotional. Isi pentingnya adalah, last year we signed for an Islamic housing loan from them. Once in awhile we would received a letter saying this amount has been released for the construction of our home, and there are certain charges we have to pay which is due on 2011. I repeat 2011. And about last week, I received a phone call from them telling me I have tunggakan selama TUJUH BULAN! SEVEN MONTHS! for our soon to siap home dan setelah 7 bulan baru sekarang telefon??? No letters, no phone calls, nothing to tell me that I should make any payments EVERY MONTH or anything. My mid year statement didn’t indicate any arrears, and tiba-tiba call cakap akaun tertunggak since bulan 3, and legal team would take action if we don’t pay. WHAT THEEE??!!

This is the third time Alliance Bank telah melukakan hati kami sebagai customer mereka. This is the I don’t know how many times Baba telah menyekolahkan mereka.

Full story later.

7. Oh Hari Raya Aidiladha! Went to Kota Tinggi untuk meminang anak dara orang (epp, for hubby’s cousin ye). On the following Saturday had a BBQ at home. happy happy happy!

8. Adik will fly to US somewhere mid January. Hoping she would get a nice host family living in an urban or sub-urban area, preferably close to shopping malls or boutiques. Adik, you will be my personal shopper alright? Hahaha.

So there goes my lunch break. See you people around.