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A Conversation with My Boss November 25, 2009

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“Syana, have you put on weight?”

“Err, sort of yes”

“Oh really?!, you dah ada isi ke?”

“A’ah. ALhamdulillah.Dah ada isi dah. Isi ikan keli goreng cili api dengan sayur bayam kat Restoran Pah Lah”

Heh. No I didn’t answer that. Instead, I just smiled sweetly and said

“Belum lagi. Kan saya masih pakai high heels ni.”

“Oh. Kenapa lambat eh?”

Wow. My favourite question.

“Saya pun kurang pasti. Hmm, kenapa ek?”

“Maybe nak you enjoy dulu and have fun kot? *laughs*”

“Well, maybe.”

The time has come for me to do something about my weight gain. I did not take my weight gain seriously as Hubby would always say “No, you are okay what. Buat apa nak kurus2. Nanti orang ingat saya tak kasi awak makan.”

Hahahah. Thanks Hubby.

And also, saya berpegang pada kata-kata Mr. Marc Anthony (ye, suami J.Lo tu). He said, “Always, always dressed up for your man, not for others”

So, if my Hubby said it’s ok, then ok la.




Kegagalan Melelapkan Mata November 19, 2009

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WARNING : Kisah poyo ahead.


Tonight (or is it tomorrow?) would be Hubby’s last day performing his deed/duty to his country. And last night, I suddenly felt soooo lonely, sangat tiada motivasi untuk melakukan apa-apa pun. Kerja menimbun, exam PTK is next week but I can’t drag myself to do anything. Hanya termenung dan termenung sambil surfing the web.


Bila pukul 10pm menjelang, lagi menggigit perasaan sunyi dan kerinduan yang teramat sangat. Hoh! itu pathetic ok. I mean, rindu2 sikit tu faham la kan, ni sampai tahap bila dengar suara Hubby di corong handphone, tibe2 terus choke with tears. ahahhah. “You had me at Hello” moment. ahahahah.


Ni baru pergi reservist for 2 weeks. Fyi, we spent the last weekend together. for goodness sake, this is not the first time!! Sejak kawin, this is the second time he has to go  for reservist.  So in all, baru 4 hari tak jumpe dah jadi seperti kartun di bawah ini:

Gini kena pegi Haji sama-sama ni (tapi nak ikut kuota Tabung Haji ke MUIS? hehe). Habis kepam bantal nanti tiap2 malam nangisss je sbb kena tinggal lebih sebulan.


Oh. and camna nak sambung Phd kat overseas kalau 4 malam je da menangis berjauhan?


Ok. Malu. Mungkin saya terbawa2 dgn emosi. Dan juga mungkin PMS.


p/s: Cepatlah Sabtu. Ku ingin lari menyeberangi Tambak Johor untuk bertemu denganmu.*sila muntah hijau sekarang*


Are You A Fan of (Halal) Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? November 18, 2009

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WARNING : This is not an advertorial.

Have you guys ever received any forwarded e-mail that goes like this :


Fw:  JAKIM Announcement – Starbuck haram

Starbucks HARAM,



Please note that all chocolate, vanilla and coffee drinks at Coffee Bean
and Starbuck contains E471 (Emulsifier 471), mono di-glycefideswhich is
from animal origin (pork). Raspberry Frap uses cherries that has been
dip n alcohol & the tiramisu contains RUM. Please pass this message to
our muslim friends.

Call JAKIM 03 – 8886 4000 for more information.
Thank you


A colleague sent this out to Everyone in the office. This would be the second time I have received the same e-mail with the same content. I have some serious doubt on the origin of the e-mail. Imigresan? Shouldn’t it be spelled as Imigresen? ISO9002 is not even related to the food industry. Hrmph.


A check from JAKIM website shows the same e-mail has been forwarded to them on 2008!! Below is their reply

Jawapan :

Salam, Cafe yang tuan nyatakan merupakan pemegang sijil pengesahan halal JAKIM yang sah. Namun, pihak tuan perlu pastikan premis tersebut mempamerkan sijil pengesahan halal JAKIM di premis bagi memastikan premis tersebut sudah mendapat pengesahan halal.JAKIM memberi pengesahan halal berdasarkan alamat premis dan bukan keseluruhan. Namun begitu, cafe Starbucks dan Coffee Bean di Malaysia secara amnya merupakan pemegang sijil halal yang sah. Terima kasih


With the rising of reports on the misused of Halal logo, something should be done to avoid confusion and losing faiths with ‘the system’ and Halal food industry. Furthermore, being a customer who frequent these coffee joints, I have the right to ensure that whatever goes in my body, has to be from a Halal source. This kind of forwarded e-mail should be stopped *ibarat melontar batu, sembunyi tangan*. Somehow, this type of e-mail did trigger a lot of emotion (oh no!! no Toffee Nut Latte for mee???) and speculation. I mean, if the content of the e-mail is not true at all, wouldn’t it be considered as fitnah? Wallahualam.. Adakah kita telah menyebarkan fitnah? Nauzubillah.

I made a few research of my own (wei takde keje ke?), and these are my findings. Remember, I did this to inform and be informed, not to criticise, boycott or menjatuhkan mana-mana pihak.

1. Both Starbucks and Coffee Bean have the Halal logo being displayed on their websites. The former company display it more prominently than the latter, and includes an e-mail address specifically for any enquiry related to the Halal status.

2. A search in Halal Direktori from JAKIM website has shown that the products being used and sold at Starbucks and Coffee Bean are certified Halal (read here). Yes, this includes chocolate, vanilla and coffee drinks, as well as their desserts (that includes tiramisu). Since each Halal cert have it’s own validity period, the applicant MUST take note of the expiry date for each items. In terms of Halal status of the premises, Starbucks are being listed, with each branch have its own Halal certificate (the certificates for Starbucks are from HDC. Read it here).

3. A user has posted about her doubts on ingredients being used in certain products which has the E prefixes, such as E471, E422 etc. This is the reply from JAKIM taken from the website. Read more here:

Kod-kod E yang dinyatakan puan adalah terdiri dari bahan kimia makanan seperti pewarna, pengawet, perisa dan sebagainya. Bahan-bahan ini diperbuat daripada samada hasilan tumbuhan atau pun haiwan. Setiap barangan yang disahkan halal oleh JAKIM telah diperiksa kandungan dan dari mana hasilannya. JAKIM memastikan setiap kandungan dinyatakan dengan jelas status halalnya dengan meminta syarikat mengemukakan sijil halal dari JAKIM atau badan Islam yang diiktiraf JAKIM.Bagi produk yang disahkan halal oleh JAKIM, kami sudah memastikan ianya adalah halal dari prosesnya dan bahan ramuannya. Harap maklum

It clearly says that any products which has been certified Halal by JAKIM, are indeed Halal in terms of its sources, how it is being processed as well as its content.

4. An e-mail has been sent by me to both Starbucks and Coffee Bean, to see what is their take regarding this issue and what would they do to put it to rest. I would inform you if there is any updates or discounts from them .

So, why did I go to such extent to prove all these? Besides being a greatest fan of Toffee Nut Latte (with whipped cream please), I am tired of hearing all these ‘khabar-khabar angin’ questioning about Halal status when in fact there’s a huge stamp or logo being displayed on the front door. I am referring to those logo issued by JAKIM or HDC. I am also tired of being looked/whispered/snickered at while enjoying my occasional cuppa in the office (I am not rich! I can get RM2 off when I bring my own tumbler!). I am not trying to be the smartypants or to declare war with anyone who would not drink their coffee. What I am trying to say, instead of sentiasa dirundungi was-was,  we might as well go directly to the source and seek the answer. What would happen to us, as an Islamic country if we can’t have faith in JAKIM or HDC? I am pretty sure that those people who are working for JAKIM and HDC realised the huge responsibilities resting on their shoulders, and therefore they won’t take their jobs lightly, betul tak Dadar? I have faith in you JAKIM and HDC and I am very much depended on you to ensure whatever goes in my body, which eventually would become my flesh and blood, which would flow into my future children are indeed Halal. As the saying goes, we are what we eat.

I hope to get some reply from Starbucks and Coffee Bean soon as their future is depending on me. So, people, whenever you read or hear something, stop speculate! And start educate!


New Year Resolution : Part 1 November 12, 2009

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I know it’s too early. But, hey, nobody has ever set the rules right? So, here I am, obviously bored to the very core with the absence of my Hubby who is stuck somewhere in the middle of Singapore’s bushes jungles, listing down what I hope to achieve for the year 2010.


1. Better fitness level – Our home which we hope would be ready by next month or early next year, is located in what seems to be a jogger/briskwalker friendly area. Recreational facilities are located less than 5 mins drive from home. We can cycle there if we want to. We can swim, we can use the gym. We can play golf for real (No Hubby, playing golf on your PSP does not count). It would be a shame and huge waste if we do not utilise any of it. Why the sudden urge to exercise? Today, I volunteered to play netball for my department. 15 mins into the game, I was panting heavily, dragging my aching thighs and limbs. And it was only training session. Oh, and my butt can cause a total eclipse. In broad daylight.


2. Drink more milk – Hubby, who is a milk-mania, milk-drinker, pencinta susu has bones stronger than steel. He once fell on a steel rod, and broke the rod  not his rib. Me, on the other hands, well my joints actually, can produce beautiful creaking  sound whenever I bend my knees, whether to squat or sujud when perfoorming my prayer. Friends from my Uni days would make a joke about my creaking joints. Kalau nak tau Syana dalam surau ke tak, dengar je bunyi krek krok krek krok. Kalau ada, means dia tengah sembahyang la tu.


The two resolutions (more would be added gradually. I am not that pessimistic to my ownself la kan) concludes I want to be healthier and fitter not fatter, except if I’m fat as a result from a pregnancy. By all means! . I want to be able to race my Hubby on our bicycles to the gorcery store.  I want to be 50 and are be able to chase my Hubby grandchildren *insyallah*. Chewahhh. Cheers!! (toasting my mug filled with chocolate flavoured Anlene)


Sentuhan Listrikmu November 10, 2009

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Mushy post ahead. You have been warned.

Sentuhan Listrikmu : M Nasir

Bisakah aku bertanya padamu
Dari mana datang sayang ini
Dari redup matamu
Atau bisikan mesra

Adakah kerna sentuhan listrikmu
Membuat ku terus berjanji
Hati ini hanya untukmu saja

Sentuhanmu bukan datang dari
Dunia materi
Terasa ini pernah mengusikku
Bagai de javu

Ku rindu sentuhanmu
Ku damba sentuhanmu
Tiada lain yang ku inginkan
Hanya sentuhanmu


Antara lagu dendangan M Nasir yang sangat ku suka. Khas untuk jejaka yang senantiasa merenjatku dengan sentuhannya. It’s only day TWO, and we have another 9 days to go before I can be electified again (sebenarnya weekend ni da boleh jumpa da. tapi orang dlm kerinduan kan suka exaggerate). In 9 days, he would finished serving his duty to his country, which he has to performed annually in November.

Dear Hubby,

Selamat menjalankan perkhidmatan untuk negara anda dan selamat bermalam di semak samun hutan belantara Kota Temasik. Am looking forward to see you this weekend. *Oh, terasa macam lamanyaaaa lagiiiii*



Bila yang Tak Biasa jadi Biasa November 8, 2009

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Saya telah memasang keazaman untuk tidak menjadikan blog ini penuh dengan perasaan meluat, jelek, geram, fed-up dan pelbagai perasaan negatif yang lain. Tapi ini lah apa yang sedang saya rasa sekarang!!


Saya sedang berada di rumah mertua di Kota Temasik. Bersebelahan dengan blok ini, terdapat sebuah majlis perkahwinan yang sedang berlangsung. Majlis perkahwinan di sini sangat meriah. Lavish and exclusive. Sama seperti di mana-mana majlis perkahwinan, semua orang inginkan sesuatu untuk kelainan agar sentiasa diingati. Seperti menaiki tren mengelilingi Danga Bay bersama kumpulan kompang dan marhaban. 😉  Meriah kan? I have nothing against that.


Tapi, apa yang saya kurang faham dan tidak akan faham sampai bila-bila, apa perlunya memanggil sekumpulan penunggang motor untuk membuat aksi-aksi rempit sebelum ketibaan pengantin? I am freaking not joking. They do that frequently here. Especially if the groom belongs to one of the many kumpulan mat-mat motor sprouting-like-mushroom in Singapore. I know this cause Hubby was a member to one of the motorcycle club ketika zaman kegemilangan dia dahulu, and I used to follow him to his friend’s wedding. Usually, they form the group to discuss about bikes of course and also to plan trips to various places. Sometimes they would gather, lepak2 together having teh or kopi. Most of it are harmless activity la kan, yang tidak menganggu masyarakat setempat. Kalau harm, nanti saya bagi evil eye to my then boyfriend/fiancee.


Okay. back to kumpulan mat motor di majlis perkahwinan. So, when one of their member get married, they would perform various stunts, similar to those you see performed by Mat Rempits on Malaysian road, right in front of the HDB blocks where PEOPLE LIVE, SLEEP AND CARRYING OUT WHATEVER ROUTINES ON WEEKENDS! THAT IS THEIR GIFT! Can’t they stick to the old fashion pinggan mangkuk, cadar katil, lesung batu and voucher membeli belah as a wedding gift?? 


Mereka-mereka ini akan mengiringi rombongan pengantin lelaki. You know how these bikers announce the groom’s arrival, in addition to the usual beatings of kompang and selawat (and at times ada beberapa kuda kepang yang akan ikut menari)? 

1. By honking non-stop. Can you imagine how the sound would be magnified in a car park surrounded by HDB blocks? Bayangkan berpuluh-puluh motor honking at the same time? aku rasa macam da stuck kat Jakarta during rush hour je. Kalikan dengan 10!

2. Merempit. Bukan merempit seperti berlumba. But the act of memulas-mulas throttle, melepaskan asap berkepul-kepul beserta bunyi ekzos-ekzos buluh-betong-tin-berkarat. Kalau setiap motor buat macam gitu, imagine the sound and smell? Kalikan dengan 10 ye.

3. While doing that, one of its member would starts performing the stunts such as front wheelie or burnt-out (ni lagi satu aksi irritating, pulas minyak and braking at the same time so that only the back wheel moves but the bike stays, which resulted to more noise and exhaust fumes!!! Buat ni sampai tinggalkan tyre mark di jalanraya) Yang ni x payah kali 10, sebab seorang je yang buat, while the others keep on honking and pulas-pulas minyak. Aduh!! Sakit kepala, dan telinga sila kali 10!


Saya faham, it’s their wedding day. Mereka nakkan suasana meriah itu. But I can bet my Hubby’s car (haha. taknak bet kereta sendiri) 90% of the attendees are irritated by the sight, sound and smells. The only group of people who actually enjoy all that most probably the one who is doing it.


Dan mungkin kanak-kanak dan remaja yang teruja dan bercita-cita untuk berbuat demikian jua. What a vicious cycle.


Kalau saya meluahkan kejengkelan saya terhadap perkara demikian pada siapa-siapa di sini mesti mereka kata saya tidak sporting, atau akan dijawab “biarlah, itu kan majlis diorang. suka hatilah nak buat apa”. I know that, but what about the neighbours and other people who are living in the area? What about orang yang memang menggunakan Ahad to catch up on their sleeps? bayi kecil yang baru sahaja berhenti menangis dan mula ingin tidur setelah seharian menangis kerana perut kembung? Suami isteri yang sedang bergurau mesra, dan si suami pula baru sahaja nak cakap “Sayang, I Love You, ni voucher membeli belah $200 sbg bukti I sayangkan you, buy what you want dear, i pay” terus tak jadi cakap and tak jadi kasi voucher sebab mood romantik dah hilang??  Kita bising-bising bila masyarakat lain buat majlis yang bising2, and yet masyarakat kita sendiri buat bising kita boleh tolerate? Macam mana kita nak orang doakan keberkatan majlis perkahwinan yang dilangsungkan apabila majlis kita terlalu sangat bising, mengganggu jiran tetangga hingga menyebabkan mereka marah dan memaki-hamun di dalam hati? 


What happen to the beatings of kompangs and selawat? Paluan kompang itu sendiri dah menggambarkan degupan jantung pasangan pengantin, selawat untuk menenangkannya semula. Itulah signifikannya.


Aiseh men.


A Visit to the Romantic City November 7, 2009

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Kincir AirBerangan seperti di Holland.

… of Melaka. Not Paris. I am declaring and promoting, Melaka as one of the romantic city in Malaysia.


As planned, Hubby joined me in Melaka on Sunday. Prior to the trip, I’ve booked a Mahkota Floor Room for a night. Even though the price is a bit higher than the 1 bedroom apartment I was staying with my colleague for the 3D2N seminar, trust me, the room that Hubby and I booked into, really did set the honeymoon mode alright. Heh. Mahkota Hotel, you are in definitely in our must-stay-again list. Did I mention the food were really delicious?

The seminar ended at 4.30pm , so we (Hubby and I) decided to explore the historic city of Melaka by foot, since the hotel is conveniently located at the heart of the city itself. I was reallllly excited, as the last time I came here, hrmphhh… I was in primary school? Hubby pula tak sudah sudah dengan remark dia, “Hmm, sayakan orang Melaka, I know my way around” chehlamak. Btw, Hubby’s dad side were from Melaka, and they used to go back to the hometown by Jebat Ekspress.

Porta de Santiagocraft center

Takdelah besar mana rupanya Bandar Melaka ni, seberang dua tiga batang jalanraya, dah sampai rupanya! First stop, Flor de la mar or known as Maritime Museum. Wajib singgah sebab fasilitator yang memberi seminar telah memberi mandat, sila lawat replika kapal ini, and learn from the history. The replica was there to remind us, never allow such ship which wasn’t hydrodynamically design in the first place, to invade our country, ever again. Faham tak?

Second stop would be at the Craft Center, opposite the Maritime Museum. Yaaa, shopping! The place sells the usual souvenirs such as t-shirts, keychains, handicrafts items etc. We bought fridge magnets (saya suka dan saya kumpul. So now you know what souvenir to buy for me!), wooden lighting fixtures (hampir terbeli. hehe) and some food items such as inang2 pulut hitam (must try), dodol, belacan and ready-to-eat cencalok. The picture on the right : Hubby bersama penjaga kedai yang bagus. Bagus di sini bermaksud, peniaga yang tau produk mereka. bila ditanya, mereka akan beri penerangan dgn bersungguh-sungguh sampai tertunduk-tunduk kami mendengar dan melihat penerangannya. hehe. Ketika gambar diambil, dia sedang memberi penjelesan tentang TIGA jenis belacan yang dijual. Hebat kan?

Pengembaraan (cheh..ayat) diteruskan dengan mengelilingi one of the many historical buildings. Let the picture do all the talking. 🙂

St. Paul Hill

Muzium Kesenian IslamDeclaration of Independence

Gambar-gambar di atas diambil dengan meletakkan kamera di atas tebing2, batu2 atau kereta orang.

A Famosa

Good photographer or photogenic manusia?

Seoul Garden

Bayangkan keterujaan kami, when we realised there’s a Seoul Garden in Mahkota Parade! That’s where we hed our dinner. 🙂

The next day, right after having our breakfast, we decided to see Melaka in the morning,the time where most of the people are getting ready for the day. We decided to walk all the way to Jonker Street or Jln Hang Jebat.

Jonker StreetAntique ShopHang Napi bergambar di tepi Jalan Hang Jebat. Hehe. Again,I’ve been wanting to see what Jonker Street is all about. Maklumlah, rumah baru kan nak siap. kot-kot ada perabut antik yang berkenan di hati ke. We went inside one of the Antique Shop (gambar kanan). Hubby sangat berkenan dengan koleksi telefon-telefon lama. You know yang jenis pusing2 instead of tekan2 tu? Yang sangat berat itu. Sebab tu orang lama tak bergayut kat tepon ek? hehe. Berkenan je la tapi. Sebab harga satu adalah (from) RM550. BAIK BELI HANDPHONE BARU!! Ada juga berkenan almari Nyonya zaman dulukala. Cuma agak seram kot2 ada yang menunggu dalam almari tu. Tak pasal pasal, buy 1, free 1 ghost. Heheh.

There is also a very interesting shop selling T-Shirts with cool design. It’s a creation of the owner of the Orangutan House. Tengoklah, antara design baju yang Hubby nak sangat beli tu.

Malaysian RubberNak beli jangan pakai kat rumah ok? nanti Mak & Baba pengsan. Rumah sendiri takpe. wahaha.

Dua hari berjalan, banyak gambar yang hendak dikongsi. tapi serious jenuh nak upload (adakah ini tanda perlu mula FB?). Kesimpulannya, we  had fun. I enjoyed the brief getaway that we had in Melaka. Thank you Hubby for the good time, and I hope there would be many getaway after this :).

StadthuysBye Melaka! Mungkin next time berjalan, perlu membawa tripod kamera, Jadi tak perlu letak kamera atas batu bila nak ambil gambar berdua seperti ini. 😉