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Technostress April 30, 2009

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“Technostress is the negative psychological link between people and the introduction of new technologies. Whereas ergonomics is the study of how humans react and physically fit with machines in their environment, technostress is, in many ways, the resistance of change that accompanies newly introduced machines to work, home, and leisure situations” – Wikipedia

Half of the data in my thumbdrive has vanished. kaput. gone. Gone – my Greece paper, RU project, the library’s new portal proposal and project paper, 1 page article on reading habit which I have to submit today, and MOHES data (i’m talking about figure in thousand) which I have finished halfway and is due on Monday.

Please understand if I am in no mood to have fun this Labor day (Hubby has to work anyway).

I can’t deal with anymore drama.


What I Want April 21, 2009

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Ok. Just a quick entry. (Sbb pukul 2 saya kena duty kat desk. lom zohor lagi ni. hehe)

I’ve been feeling down/demotivate lately. And, I realised there are things i want to do in order to get my mojo back. Or, I PLAN to do. So, this is my plan, whether I can do or not, that is a different story. Here it goes – my wish list.

  1. Go for holiday – looking forward for THE roadtrip in June to Terengganu. merangkap 2nd honeymoon and 1st anniversary. (yikes, nak setahun da?!) konvoi beramai2 bersama2 hubby’s friendsnye family from work. Think about 7 cars ikut.¬† Saya sangat teruja sebab hubby would do ALL the driving, since he INSIST on driving his manual transmission car. muerhaha!
  2. Furnish our new house – walaupun rumah kami akan siap pada hujunggg December, TAPI catalog IKEA adalah peneman saya tiap2 malam. Jadi, sekiranya MPV yang Baba book sudah sampai, akan ku PAKSA hubby drive ke KL utk membeli dan membelah sampai bankrupt. (hmm, to tell u the truth, i can’t afford to shop. But if there’s a will, there must be MY way ūüėČ )
  3. Go for a Cruise – ok. this one kan, mcm a bit payah since we need to save our moolah for the new home. Can’t afford to have two holidays in a year. But kalau rezeki tu adakan, saya sangat sangat sangat mahu pergi Cruise. Hubby yang suggest this idea actually, since there’s an offer which last till September. It’s a good offer.¬† 4 days cruise SG-Langkawi-Phuket. Da berangan ok dok kt deck mandi matahari with my newly purchased sunnies. Oh, heaven nye.
  4. Be a mommy. hahhaahhaa.

Ok, Just ignore the last part. Itu hati kecilku sedang berkata2. :p

Ok. Blogging about it made me feel better. So, toodles for now. I nak go Zohor, then later nak entertain student kat reference desk (arghh, kena pakai lipstick plakkk)


p/s: Yesterday was Hubby’s 1st day working day-shift. He would be home every 2 days. That’s why I was emo lah. hahaha

pp/s: Saya sudah hantar draft untuk Misi ke Greece!! yahooooooooooooo. Nyamannnnnnn.

ppp/s: We had a dept meeting this morning. Each time there’s a meeting, I felt like going to war. Nervous, sakit-sakit perut semua tau. Luckily I didnt get shot or anything. Nyamaaaaaaaaaan jua!


Rimas April 20, 2009

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I’m tired. I need a break.

I want to spend my weekends without having to think about work.

I want to spend my weekends without feeling guilty (for wanting to spend it with hubby ONLY).

I want to have my weekends.

I want to enjoy my weekends.

I want to have a stress free/noise-free/nag-free weekends.

I want to have quality weekends.

Sorry to sound ungrateful.

I have my time.


From a Woman to Another : Part II April 17, 2009

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This entry is not going to be about moflo.

It is about her.

When I read the news, I could imagine myself in her shoes.  I never watched her acting, never followed any of her dramas/movies, never had enough reason to like/dislike her, BUT as a woman, I feel for her. She had the baby in her for 7 months. Her first. She had listened to the first heartbeat, saw the baby took form from a tiny black dot. She had talked to her, had felt the tiny kicks. And suddenly, all that came to a halt. I guess her world, briefly did.

It would be a hard journey for her to move on. It was for me. Those tiny clothes, shoes, baby cot Рthe things she had bought to welcome her baby, would have to be kept aside, for now,hopefully  for the new one. I wish her the best, and to seek strength from Allah, and her loved ones.

Stay strong.

Al-fatihah for the baby.


Writer’s block April 16, 2009

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When I’m writing, I would :

1. Munch. I have to eat before I start. Eat while I’m at it. A mere growl in the tummy would distract me from my writing. Or, I need something to chew while typing. Hmm, is the act of chewing and typing at the same time, boost the creativity in me? Haha. Yesterday, I had Jacob’s cracker and 5 dates (courtesy of my best-colleague K Liza); and this morning she gave me a handful of yellow raisins which I had finished few minutes ago. Heee. (Oh, in case you’re wondering, K Liza is on healthy diet. Cos she’s eating for TWO. Thus explains the dates and raisins. Well, I’m just ambil berkat orang mengandung je. ūüėČ )

2. Drink. Plain water is good enough for me. Coffee used to be the best. The typing and chewing could resulted to dry throat, wouldn’t it? And I also like to think that drinking could somehow replenish not only the body, but also the brain. Perhaps the oxygen from the water, made their way to the brain. Something like that. Hehe.

3. Wee. Naturally, when you had too much to drink …

4. Blog. Exactly, how to finish writing when the sentences in your blog is much more than those in the writings? And in shorter time too?

Ok. back to work.


Singapore Flyer & Little Taiwan April 15, 2009

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I know it’s wayyyy to late, but I still want to share these pictures.

Singapore Flyer, 24th March 2009.

Hubby’s workplace gave out 2 free tickets last year and the expiry date was on 31 March. hehe. Lama dah postponed, nasib sempat. We chose weekday simply because it’s less crowded. Each ticket is valued at SGD30.00. Thank God for the free tix! p/s: Hubby’s boss, what about giving away free cruise this year? hehe


The capsule, which kept on moving even while you’re boarding.


Inside the capsule. Sangat excited sampai mata terjuling, dan menyeringai. I was holding an illustrated compass which provide description of the breathtaking view.


Clockwise :

1) If you squint hard enough, you could see Batam over the horizon. Could you see the track down there? That’s the starting line for the F1 S’pore street race.

2) Us, with Esplanade or fondly known as “The Durian” in the background.

3) We had the capsule for ourselves, which explains the various pose. :p (background : S’pore CBD – Central Business District)

4)Hubby sedang gayat. In the background is, The Float @ Marina Bay, also known as Marina Bay Floating Stadium. S’pore National Day Parade will be held there for the next 5 years. It is also the chosen venue for the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010. Cool huh?


Left : CBD area. The pic was taken when we’re at the highest point. I think. hmm.

Right : Posing with The Durian. See the string like thing i was holding? That’s actually a pair of binoculars. Iye, kami sempat skodeng orang. hehe

Little Taiwan, AEON Bukit Indah, 5th April

Finally we got the chance to treat Mak and Adik as their belated birthday present (on 10 and 11 March, respectively). AEON Bukit Indah is me n hubby’s latest favourite haunt mainly because it’s 5 mins away from our soon-to-siap house. Currently, it’s 30mins from my parent’s. Iye, tak sabar menunggu rumah kami siap sebenarnye. hehe. Little Taiwan is a new restaurant that serve Halal Taiwanese Cuisine. Siap ada halal sign. Unlike some of the restaurant there that only put “No Pork No Lard”. The drinks were delicious! Gambar takde sebab semua orang da sedut air dulu. Untuk makanan, saya beri (marks out of 5) –¬† Price and portion is 4.5. ; Taste – 3.5. Strictly for taiwanese food lover.¬† The food had this distinct taste – a lot of ginger and five spice, and a bit bland, compared to the Chinese dish that we usually had. Sebenarnya saya nak ambil gambar makanan aje. Tapi semua nak masuk dalam gambar. Haisssh..


Clockwise : Beef Stew and rice for the carnivore, Chicken Chop Noodle for Adik, I seriously can’t remember what I had, but it’s very similar to Claypot Loh See Fun and Spicy Ramen for Mak . All dish were recommended by the Chef¬† (sebab dalam menu ada gambar thumbs-up).


Haywire-d April 11, 2009

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How ironic can it¬†be, for not being able to have access to the Internet, especially when you’re in S’pore. I’m in S’pore since Friday. Well my planned was, I’m supposed to finish up the writing by Friday. Friday evening, hubby and I would drove into S’pore. Jolly Jolly Jolly.

But humans can only plan. There’s a massive exodus going out of S’pore¬†on Friday, so hubby¬†couldn’t¬†fetch me. So I made my way, by¬†bus to S’pore, lugging the laptop¬†and everything¬†else i hoped¬†is with me. The things which I HOPED is with me is actually in my email. And there’s no Internet connection at MIL’s.¬†¬†Not until next week.


So, since hubby is working,today is the best time to do my work, without distractions etc. at about 9am, I left MIL’s place¬†for S’*pore Nation*al Lib*rary, a 30mins journey by MRT. I was hoping I could do my work, and to have free access to the Internet – which I found out later, isn’t “THAT”¬†free. Need some password or subscription yada yada.¬†I managed to do SOME writings, photocopied some¬†journal articles, and that’s it. My work still hasn’t finished, until I can get acess to the email!

Ok. I desperately need to access my email. So, at about 1.30pm, I made my way to my grandma’s. Another 30min journey by bus. So here I am, jubilant to finally have Internet access *and free yummy homecooked lunch* ONLY to discover i couldn’t access to my email account¬†for some unknown reason!!!!

I’ve travelled across the Island of Singapore just for some Internet connection. Don’t¬†dare to ask¬†me to use the free Internet at Mcd’s or S*tarbucks whatsoever. Those places are so CROWDED in weekends, kang ada sorang minah bertudung¬†among fashionable S’porean, yang sedang sedut kopi dengan lajunye tetibe terjerit suruh semua¬†orang diam. Oh, sudah pening. tolong tolong. fed-up fed-up.

p/s: pms has kicked in? arghhhhhhhhhhhh


ACKNOWLEDGMENT : I would like to express my gratitude to Adik aka Syiqah, without her help and annoyance, I’m surely dead by Tuesday. I called up Adik to access my email account (and revealed to her my password yang sangat mengarut itu) from home, and pls pls forward the necessary mail to my h*otmail account. thank you adik. thank you.