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End to hiatus. February 27, 2009

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After a very very long hiatus from the blogging world, i welcome you to my new blog site. Many would ask, why the sudden return? why would I even bother to re-blog (is there such a word? haha). Things happen for a reason, and that reason would be reveal, throughout this blog. Satu-satulah, xkn semua nk post in an entry tak? 🙂

Anyhooo, as the first entry, what the heck is hubbsnmoi? muerhaha. In order to re-blog, i sort of ‘minta izin’ from my hubbster, and he came up with this username.. hubbsnme.  See, always want to enter frame tau dia ni. and me being me,  i changed me tu moi. alaa kan ada unsur2 drama… ;). Jadi, nak blog punya pasal, kenalah guna username ni kan.. eventho, he never reads anyone’s blogs for that matter!! or so he said la.. who knows, skali diam2 dia spy2 kat blog aku ni kan? hehe

2nd reason would be, I would love to have some kind of anonymity. The previous url said out loud my name, and my dad’s! so people could easily googled me on the net, and walla! and even my officemate, managed to google my blog, hence i have to practice some restriction to my blogging. I’m not saying that i’m going to let off any work related steams in here *hint hint*.. but just dont want to get into trouble.. nowadays, anything is possible.

3rd – oh, i just don’t have a 3rd reason. *grins*

Lastly, being new to wordpress. *why wordpress?alaa.. byk soalan la plak* lagi merangkak2 nak faham each functions etc.. so bear with me k?

So there you are, the very first entry after 9 months hiatus. Hope to see you all again. Soon. Semoga baraan blogging ini terus membara. yeah!